3 Reasons Content Writing Services in UK by Agency Expensive than Freelancers

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Content writing industry is growing in leaps and bounds. The latest figures indicate that the industry has touched the mark of $300 billion in 2020. The growth of this industry is due to the output of both established agencies of content writing services in UK as well as a contribution by freelancers.

However, increased competition has impacted the hire-ability of freelancers. There are a host of reasons based on which clients may decide to engage an agency for content writing services in UK or hire a freelancer. Such decisions are taken in spite of the fact that engaging content writing agency in UK would cost more.

Read more to find out why copywriting company costs more than freelancers.

  • Bigger team

While freelancers are usually found to be suitable for smaller customizations to be made in a specific project, following up on prolonged projects would usually require a big team. An agency of content writing services in UK will be able to provide a team of such scale having 20 or 50 odd employees on board.

Maintaining such team by agency invariably incurs additional expenses that cannot be provided by freelancers. Furthermore, the agency is likely to have to invest further resources for managing the existing workflow. Freelancers do not incur these additional expenditures.

Moreover, the team put together by a content writing company in UK may be engaged with other necessary activities that may not be directly billable to the client. For instance, such activities may include business research and development and office management.

There are other instances of sales and marketing measures along with expenses such as insurance, taxes and office costs that automatically increase the overhead costs. All these puts together lead to an increase in expenditure, and consequently, shooting up the cost of running an agency.  

  • Expertise

 Apart from the fact that agencies are likely to engage dedicated personnel to oversee the different functions, it also undergoes significant development consistent with the latest updates. For instance, they may have trained for developing voice search optimised content.

Consequently, when new technologies are brought forth, the agency providing copywriting services to adopt new tools that is likely to improve the quality of work further. For developing expertise, indirect or direct investments are undertaken for the professional development of writers.

On the contrary, freelancers work solo without incurring these additional expenditures. They play multiple roles themselves and the onus of professional development is also on them. Hence, in such a scenario, a freelancer may or may not incur similar expenditure in that aspect.

Therefore, it is likely that clients stand to receive a higher level of expertise when they engage an agency due to the consistent development of writers. Hence, the cost for agencies also go up.

  • Effective problem solving

In case of specific demands with respect to a particular content, the agency may be better equipped to address such problems. It retains such problem-solving capacity on account of engaging personnel for high-end specialties. Different people will have different skill-set that would enable to address any issue that may come up.

Unquestionably, having different personnel with different expertise on payroll, gives rise to significant cost. Such costs increase the expenditure of the company which is subsequently passed on to the client.

Hence. engaging a copywriting company costs more than a freelancer. Freelancers do not have to bear these additional costs. However, they may also fall short of these desired skills.

These three are largely the main reasons that lead to content writing company to cost more than hiring freelancers. These factors will have to be taken under consideration by businesses before it is deciding whether to engage an agency or have freelancer on board. The selection will be entirely dependent on the requirements of business.

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