SchoolsDataLists Announces New Email List for the Education Sector amidst the Pandemic

The announcement comes in the aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic that has had a huge impact on the education sector.

Houston, Texas, United States of America [14th, April 2021]: SchoolsDataLists, one of the leading database service providers, has announced the launch of the latest email list, the K-12 Data  keeping in mind the kind of impact the pandemic has had on the education sector across the United States and the globe.

SchoolsDataLists has been at the forefront for providing accurate data of teachers and other professionals associated with the education sector. These data lists are thoroughly verified and authenticated and also regularly updated in order to keep track of the changes that are constantly taking place. It’s in this context that SchoolsDataLists have come up with this latest email list that aims to help marketers get in touch with the best teachers, principals, superintendents, and other professionals in the academic field. The objective of the K-12 Data is to establish a strong connection between the marketers and the education sector so that the education marketers can provide the necessary equipments to the educational institutions considering the advancement in technology that’s been taking place. Therefore, with the release of this latest email list, SchoolsDataLists is attempting to ensure that all education marketers are able to provide K-12 schools the new equipments and pieces of technology.

About SchoolDataLists:

SchoolDataLists is an industry-leading School Database company providing businesses with a range of marketing services to help them target schools, colleges, and universities. We offer our clients the opportunity to send email campaigns directly to the inbox of teachers and decision-makers and to purchase school data from us so that they can run their own marketing campaigns at home. We aim to adapt to the changes constantly taking place as technology and market keep evolving, by helping marketers gain access to new tools and implementing the latest industry standards to bring high-quality school data to our clients.

Contact Details:

E-mail: sales@schooldatalists.com

Website: https://www.schooldatalists.com/

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