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Scope of practice in clinical nursing

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The nurses are a pivotal part of any medical setup. They are not only medical care professionals but also the ones who come in direct contact with the patients, most of the time. Nursing schools ensure that they leave no stone unturned in training their students. They ensure that the students are well trained in each aspect required for their profession. For ensuring this, they more often than not burden the students with hefty assignments. The students find it difficult to manage the completion of these assignments within the given deadlines given the nature of research these assignments involve.

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Scope of practice of nursing

The nurses have a certain range of duties and responsibilities, to which they are bound. They are expected to fulfil these duties well and not violate any terms of practice. The nurses have many roles to play such as:

  • Delegation of tasks to other staff under them
  • Ensuring patient comfort
  • Ensuring patient safety
  • Timely delivery of medications to the patients
  • Maintaining health records
  • Providing support to the patient in whichever form he requires; whether mental, emotional or physical.

Nurses follow certain guidelines that are enlisted in the. These are the guidelines that outline the code of conduct the nurses are supposed to adhere to dutifully fulfil their tasks:

  • ICN - International council of nurses )
  • NMBA - National midwifery Board of Australia. It has a further three sections under its umbrella which are the code of conduct, code of ethics, and standard of practice.
  • NHQHS – National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Learning these concepts while managing other academic aspects as well as running errands, students get mind boggled, figuring out how to make assignments on these guidelines. At such times, nursing homework help sources must be utilized to seek help.

Types of nurses

  • Leader nurse: A leader nurse ensures the execution of all the tasks is done properly. She manages everyone in her team and sees if there is a scope of monitoring and improvement so that it could be acted upon. She ensures that no stones are left unturned in providing proper care to the patient. Her work is to delegate duties to everyone in the team. She ensures that the registered nurses are properly executing their duties. A leader nurse promotes evidence-based practices in nursing. 
  • Registered nurse: A registered nurse is the one who carries out various nursing duties. She attends to the patients and ensures that all the medicines prescribed by the physicians are timely delivered to the patients. She mentors the student nurses and keeps a check on their training process.

Student nurse:  A student nurse is one who is still undergoing training. They are still learning and are comparatively naïve to this profession. They are generally a registered nurse and practice according to their instructions. Student nurses often seek nursing homework help to strike a balance between their duties as well as homework submissions.

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