WDSI University Grants to Widen the Data Science Scope

WDSI university grants for data science research are aimed at widening the scope of data science on a global landscape. Let’s find out, how?

Data science is the hottest industry to enter at the moment for young college graduates. Data analytics is growing at an unprecedented pace with the growing amount of data each day.

The enormity of data produced in the last couple of years can be understood by the presentation of the following facts and statistics. More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. At the moment, the world combined is producing data at the rate of 1.7 MB per second per person. By 2025, we will be producing 463 exabytes of data every single day.

The more the data grows in amount, the more business value will get extracted out of it. And the manner in which the data is exploding across the globe, MNCs and SMEs will need millions of data science professionals to cope up with the huge piles of valuable data.

How Will the Globally-Recognized WDSI Initiative Help in Data Science Research?

WDSI, or World Data Science Initiative, is a helping aid aimed at promoting data science research and the business-applicability of data. The initiative has set up a hefty amount of $300 million in grants for university subsidies to be distributed among the select educational colleges and universities that impart data science knowledge. The mission is to build a future-proof workforce of 250,000 highly skilled data-science professionals by 2022. It is being considered the world’s biggest talent development initiative at the moment in the field of data science.

Centers of excellence will be built under the said initiative within the private and public universities to provide their students with advanced knowledge in data science being delivered by the industry experts. 

Advanced-Data Science Concepts to be Taught by the World’s Top Educators

Under the WDSI initiative for data science research and talent development, leading technology institutes, universities, the World Bank, and the educational bodies of the U.N., all will come together to make the initiative realize its noble goals. The consortium thus formed, will empower the initiative to catalyze the ultimate aim of data science talent development for the future.

A new crop of highly intelligent data science professionals will be born as a result of the successful realization of the said initiative. By 2022, it is expected that we will get a huge pool of data scientists and technologists trained at dealing with complex data science and analytics problems. 

Global Relevance of Data Science Education

Data is acting as fuel to drive innovation and advanced technological initiatives across industries. Businesses all over the world have started relying on consumer data to develop new products and services based on customer insights. And due to this reason, data science professionals in the present times are charging huge compensations across industries and business verticals.

Disruptive technologies that had emerged in the last decade, all will become irrelevant if we remove the data ingestion that drives and empower them. Be it machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, or humanoids, without valuable data inputs, these technological advancements would never have emerged in the first place.

The reach of data analytics has even traversed to the most unconventional sectors one could think of, comprising meteorology, environment, and disaster management. Data is deployed across these domains to forecast critical environmental happenings such as natural calamities, hurricanes, floods, drought, among others.

Focus on Accreditation of Universities from Under-Developed Nations

The said initiative will help empower colleges and universities in under-developed nations to level up to the world-class standards, especially in imparting data science education. We are committed to assisting educational institutes and universities not capable of financing data science research at their respective campuses, especially to those located in so-called 3rd world countries. We welcome and encourage universities and institutes from under-developed nations to apply for the available grant and subsidies.

Huge Subsidies on Vendor-Neutral Professional Certifications in Data Science

WDSI, under its talent development objective, will offer big subsidies to select institutions and universities that will be able to offer their students with globally-recognized data science certifications at minimal costs. These will be vendor-neutral certifications on advanced data science concepts that will radically improve the employability of the students.

Apply for the grants and subsidies offered under the initiative today by registering your institution on the initiative’s website. We wish you all the luck in the world!

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