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Google is one of the main sources of traffic for all hotels. When I talk about Google and SEO Services in Lahore, I include the big travel portals where I can book hotel rooms in different cities. 

Why do I include these portals where rooms can be reserved? Because they are giants that position very well in Google and where it is almost impossible to overtake them. We can see a clear example in a typical search: «reserve room Madrid».

In this image we can see three sections of results:

1. Ads section, where you only go out if you pay. They are the ads in Adwords. When you stop paying you to disappear.
2. Local results, showing 3 outstanding hotels, with user reviews and average room price and a map with multiple prices.
3. Google organic results. This list includes Booking, Rumbo, Kayak, Destinia, Trivago, ... Do not try from a hotel website (at least in large cities) to compete with them since the Google algorithm is relegating from the first page of results to the pages of hotels, as with restaurants.

My recommendation is to work on point 2: make the price of our hotel appear on the map and in the list of 3 hotels. This list will vary between users, depending on many factors, although the most relevant will be the location from where the query is made and the positive reviews we have. Therefore, the objective of a hotel is to have the best possible local SEO optimized to get ahead of the competition in the SERPS.


SEO OnPage optimized - SEO Consultant in Lahore

The first step is to have a well-optimized website at the SEO level. This means that in addition to having the main tags well implemented, we have to have work interlinking the web, optimizing the crawl budget, avoiding keyword cannibalizations, ...


Local SEO OnPage optimized

There are some OnPage factors of the web unique to local positioning, including displaying the NAP data (Name, Address, Phone) in the same format as in the Google My Business tab. It is also a good idea to embed the location map of our hotel from the Google Maps tab and add a JSON code optimized for local businesses with the maximum of hotel information.


SEO OffPage optimized for hotels, apart-hotels, hostels, ...

In this case, we are talking about getting quality links. In the case of a hotel, we have to go out yes or yes in all the comparators and reservation websites that I talked about at the beginning, and not because of the link (since they do not put a link) but because our name and hotel data will appear that will give it relevance.

We will get the links from the media, tourism, and local blogs, websites positioned by KW that interest us (,, ...) These links will reinforce the general authority of the web, but we also have to go to websites like Yelp, Foursquare, ... They are local directories well seen by Google (there are few of them, I calculate between 10 and 15) where we have to register the hotel with the NAP data, hotel written differently from the web and in other media, images optimized for SEO (quality, name, format, ...).

I forgot. All this has to be done with the most optimized Google My Business tab.


Working longtails

As we cannot compete with hotel price comparators, room reservations, ... it is a good strategy to focus on small searches (forget about "hotel in Madrid" and the like) through a blog with which we can get organic traffic (from Google) that we can convert into clients. For example, a post type "walking route through the neighborhood NAME OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD". And like this, there are hundreds of possible articles to write. Some may focus on the neighborhood and others on hotel services, such as "Gift of chocolates in the hotel room."

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