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5 characteristics of a good Google Ads Agency offering PPC services

Working with a good Google Ads Agency offering proficient PPC services means that the clicks and impressions will surely convert into profitable revenues.

When running an advertising campaign, it is vital that you look at all the aspects, from planning it to implementing it. Many devices run ad blockers because the ads are annoying. Even then, Google Ads are the most effective to date and will remain so. The most challenging choice that most companies face comes down to selecting the best out of all. Here is how you can choose the right agency that very well manages your Google Ads. 

Set your goals firstly

Google Ads is a platform where the customers are searching for your product or service directly. Thus, you need to set some realistic goals for your Ads to become profitable. Examples of a few specific goals: 

  • Increase visits to your online store 
  • Get more businesses calls
  • Bring traffic to the website

Then specify how you are going to achieve all the goals. A few of the ways are: 

  • Conversion rate
  • Breakeven cost per click (CPC)
  • Breakeven cost per lead (CPL)
  • Breakeven cost per conversion (CPA)
  • Customer lifetime value

Look at the seven characteristics that indicate that the Ad agency is right.


The PPC Services that you want to avail of the agency should have the status of 'Google Partners.' The active power status means that the company is skilled and expertise, meeting all the google ad spend requirements. The badges that partners earn are looked at as the website and marketing material of trust. 

Agency transparency 

Google asks these companies to be transparent. The Google Ads agency should be transparent with sharing information about how the budget was spent on the ads, how many times the ad was seen or how many times users clicked on it. 

 Short term contracts

Make sure you keep short-term contracts or none because some companies sign long-term contracts of 12 to 24 months. Well, that shouldn't be the case. The Google Ads agency should receive money only when they are a few months into it. This would be the best because then the clients could quickly leave if the agency fails to perform. 

Consistent record 

A right agency should always provide its records, references, or case studies consistently. It is important so that agency's work and performance can be vetted anytime by a business. In other words, it is just another way to prove that your results are excellent. 

Agency's focus on boosting revenue 

Most of the companies focus on increasing clicks and impressions. However, a good company should help you to convert the clicks to revenues. Thus, check if the company focuses on conversion rate optimization, improving the timing, target, and ad placement, setting effective analytics. 

Long story short, you need to look for the evident presence of some of the characteristics that define all the aspects of improving, gathering, and converting their PPC services in profitable revenues for the business. Thus, see if your Google ads agency has all these qualities of a good one. 

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