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Is Facebook marketing or Google Ads better for a startup?

Facebook vs Google Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two top PLayers in the Digital advertising world.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two top PLayers in the Digital advertising world. Google Ads works by targeting some specific keywords as per requirement and appear as the top 4 results in ( as of 2020 & who knows this may get increases eventually leaving no place for organic results) Google searches, On the other side, Facebook Ads display in social feeds, Stories, messenger and more, are targeted using demographic and behavioral information of the user's. more Brands turning to the Digital side for advertising so there is a greater scope of Digital Marketing in India in the upcoming years. Both Platforms are meant to Build Brand Awareness and also can drive Leads, sales.

Let's See the Basic comparison between both the channels.

Stating with Price (Avg. CPC)

FaceBook (Avg. CPC)

Warning - Now this may not be a valid point to consider because it changes from industry to industry, Location, and many other factors. but only for comparison according to Online Advertising Made Easy Company Avg. CPC of FaceBook is $1.72.

Google (Avg. CPC)

The average CPC for Google Ads is between $1 - $2 on the Search Network. The average CPC for the Display ads Network is under $1. As I said it changes depending on different factors so the most expensive keywords in Google Ads cost $50 or more per click.

User Intent

FaceBook Users Intent

Passive — Facebook users aren't looking for any specific services or products or any brand; they are targeted based on demographic information including age, gender, location, and interests.

Google Users Intent

Active — Here User is searching for products or services and more likely to get convert or buy things.

Targeting Option

Facebook Targeting - Here Facebook has an advantage in targeting with quite more options available to target like User demographics, interests, life events, and buying behaviors.

Google Targeting - on this Side Google has a limited option for Targeting users and only depended on User demographics.

Ad Placement Options

FaceBook Placement Options - I think here Facebook has a disadvantage because you have limited website to advertise on but has some option to place ads like Feed, Right Column, Stories, Marketplace, and In-stream Video), Facebook Messenger, Instagram (Feed and Stories), and Audience Network.

Google Placement Options

Google and Google Search Partners (e.g., Amazon, The NY Times, and The Washington Post)

Ad Types

Facebook Ad type

  • Image
  • Video
  • Slideshow
  • Carousel
  • Collection
  • Instant Experience.

Google Ad type

  • Text
  • Call-only
  • Shopping Ads.

Avg. Click-through Rate

  • Facebook has the lowest Click-through Rate as compared to Google - 0.90%
  • Google is in the lead Here with a 3.17% Click-through Rate

Avg. Conversion Rate

  • Now Facebook leaves Google and overtakes by 9.21% Avg. Conversion Rate
  • Google has 3.75% Avg. Conversion Rate

Why use Google/Facebook For Advertising?

Now you can get this answer in the best Digital Marketing Training out there but for instances Here's is a Fact that Internet Users:

As per the internet usage stats, as of July 2017, 50% of the world population is using the internet. (i.e) 3.42 Billion Users. The total number of users in 1995 was less than 1% of the world population. with increasing user on Digital Channels which creating best platforms for Startups, companies, and organizations to get more brand awareness and sales at the end of the day more profits/

Now you the pros and cons for both the channels then

let's see when to Use Each

When to Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are most suitable for businesses seeking to boost awareness of their products or brands. especially Startups. With extensive audience targeting options, Facebook lets advertisers immediately and concisely introduce themselves to their target audience via text, image, and other options.

When to Use Google Ads

Google Ads are the fittest Platforms for businesses with a product or service that users know they need and are actively searching for. These ads primarily target users in the buying phase and highlight the clear benefits of a product/service that will be the most successful with Google Ads.


Facebook Ads and Google Ads are both platforms that offer PPC ads where advertisers pay per each click their ad receives. While similar, Facebook Ads is a paid social ad platform and Google Ads is a paid ad search platform. Each offers Startups an opportunity to boost brand awareness and increase sales, but the final ROI depends on your organization's targeting, ad spend, and creative ad elements.

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