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Shipping Container Home Storage Ideas

When it comes time for the delivery of your shipping container it’s important you understand the options available to you because using the correct equipment can save you time and money.

Do you have a lot of clutter in your home or apartment?
Are your closets filled to overflowing and no more room remaining in your spare bedroom or garage? Are you nearing the stage where your home might be a candidate for the TV show “Hoarders”?
You are not alone. Millions of Americans are looking to buy or rent self storage space for their possessions.

Could buying a shipping container for self storage be the best solution for you?


Using self storage units provide a great option for people to hold onto keepsakes with sentimental value and other personal items, while not having to buy a larger property.
The “4Ds of life” – death, divorce, downsizing and dislocation – are facts of life and create a major disruption in our lives.
Changing life situations can force someone to live in limbo for periods. They may need to move households and need a space to store their belongings until they can settle into a new, more permanent situation.

Shipping container self storage may offer them a 40 high cube container for sale secure place to keep their possessions until they can get settled into a new place.

In the USA, self storage statistics report that nearly 10% of American households need additional self storage and spends an average monthly cost of $87.89 for a self-storage unit. Nationally, the number of storage facilities ranges somewhere between 45,000 to 60,000.

According to Sparefoot.com: The 10 most in-demand USA cities for self-storage units.
Rank City, State
10 Miami, FL
9 Brooklyn, NY
8 San Diego, CA
7 Las Vegas, NV
6 Phoenix, AZ
5 San Antonio, TX
4 Chicago, IL
3 New York, NY
2 Los Angeles, CA
1 Houston, TX

How much does it cost to rent commercial self storage space vs buying a shipping container?
Of course, the answer to this question depends a lot on your specific needs. At commercial self storage facilities, 10’x10′ is the most popular storage unit size, which measures one-hundred square feet and might compare to approximately half the size of a regular garage. A general guideline is that the 100 square foot space will fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.

The smallest units average about $50 per month. Much larger spaces cost upwards of $300 per month. Some storage businesses require a 12 month contract to be signed.
When you buy a shipping container for self storage you have a one time cost and you own the container forever. If you don’t have an available space to store your container, you possibly may need to rent a small space on a property that is located at a convenient distance to you.

Are shipping containers your best choice for self storage?
Most of the people who buy an empty Conex container are using it to store furniture and other possessions that take up a large amount of space.
Home based business owners like online sellers who store and ship inventory through websites like EBay, Gumtree and Craigslist find they need somewhere to securely store their products. Additionally, with less storage space (basements and garages) in condos, homeowners are looking for an easy and affordable self storage solution.

Why should we use shipping containers as self-storage units?
A short answer: because of their design, construction, size and affordability.
A little searching will show that you can buy a used shipping container for a really affordable price (we will address the details later in this article). By their very nature, cargo containers are made to be easily transported to whatever site you require. You may be looking for relocate the container for a household move, in which case it can just be picked up and follow you on your move.
Even if you don’t have plans to move the container from one location to another, the containers can be set up quickly and all of your possessions moved inside for safe keeping.

Shipping containers are specifically engineered to be stacked, transportable, and are constructed from corrugated metal sheets that are welded together. The steel boxes are subjected to rigorous quality assurance tests for water resistance, and the ability to withstand moisture, the effects of salt and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Why do shipping containers make really great self storage units?
Durability: Made of thick steel walls, strong and capable of storing bulky and heavy goods without damaging the interior of the storage space.

Watertight and Secure: Designed to withstand rains and extreme weather condition conditions during a sea voyage, the containers are in fact watertight against wet weather conditions.
Their main function is to make certain that the contents remain dry and undamaged during their trip. Most shipping containers are made of a particular steel alloy called Corten Steel that is especially suited for outside weather conditions.

Vermin and pest proof. The containers are self-enclosed, with tight seals around the doors which prevents rodent and bugs entering and damaging your goods. This can be a problem in many storage facilities. These features combined offer solid security and added peace of mind with the confidence that your possessions are protected, dry and secure.

Low initial investment and low maintenance: Once you have set up your Conex box self storage, there is next to no ongoing maintenance or accumulating monthly rental costs. Buying a shipping container is a one time investment.

Long life expectancy: Shipping containers have a life expectancy of over two to three decades with minimum level of maintenance.

Security: Container entry is secure with a high quality pad lock on the doors and equipped with a special lock box. A “lock box” is housed inside a steel box welded to the doors protecting your padlock from being broken by burglar’s crowbar. Since your container is stand alone and not connected to other people’s storage units, you also have another protection against unwanted entry.

You can store a variety of goods inside. With a few important renovations (like insulation or the other suggestions later in this article), you can safely store almost anything from boxes, books, furniture, electronics without fear of moisture damage.
Store larger items. With the ability to open the doors at both ends of the container, containers are easily accessible to store large sized objects.

Portability: Containers are designed to be easily movable, making them especially convenient for packing and for mobile storage needs.

Drive-up accessibility: You can pull up and park your vehicle directly at the doors to your container storage.

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