Ideas for an Effective Office Entryway

Create an effective office entryway and impress your clients. We’ll show you how.

Do you believe in the first impression? It’s a mental picture you create of someone or something based upon your first encounter. And did you know that the rest of our mental picture of that person, institution or the business is created and upgraded according to the first impression? 

As you see and know, the first impression is rarely changed. Once you present yourself in one light, there is no going back. So, to represent your business in the best way is one of the crucial steps to success.

What do your clients and partners first see when they enter your premises? Your entryway! Everyone is quick to make the first impression, so why don’t you impress them right there and there!? Create an effective office entryway and impress your clients. We’ll show you how.

1. Make your logo visible 

One of the first things many people notice about your business is your logo. The way your logo is designed represents your business. It helps people recognise your company and the work it does. That’s how powerful the logo is.

Do you have a company’s logo? If yes, that’s excellent. Make it visible. Place it outside of your premises or just above the door. It will lead people to your business and convey the message that you are a reliable and professional company. 

What happens if you don’t have a logo? You need to create one. Use colours wisely. Look up the colour symbolism to convey the right message to your audience. Choose the colours depending on the effect you want to achieve. But be careful! Too many colours can create an illusion that your company is immature and irresponsible, so, stick to 3 colours or less.

2. Make every inch count 

Entryways are usually left pretty empty because many business owners focus on the offices and other rooms in the building. However, not many are aware of the influence an empty entryway has. Before you neglect your reception area, remember that your clients and customers firstly come in contact with your employees in the entryway.

So, to complete the experience and provoke the positive impression, make every inch count. Just because reception areas and entryways don’t seem as important, it doesn’t mean that they don’t leave a lasting impression on people stepping over your doorstep.

Place some furniture, decorate the space and don’t neglect the corners. Use coffee tables with magazines in your waiting areas and implement a water dispenser, coffee and tea as a cool refreshment for your visitors. They will appreciate it and create a positive impression of your business.

3. Determine the effect you want to achieve

Different businesses have different missions. The retail store and an IT company don’t have probably the same clients and goals. Two IT companies might have different approaches and goals as well! So, your aim is to determine the effect you want to achieve and stick by it.

The era of boring and traditionally professional office designs is luckily over. Who says you can’t have bold furniture and still be professional!? Go for the style that suits your needs and goals the most.

If you run a business with creative work, make sure that it’s immediately visible to those who step over your doorstep. Use unique pieces of furniture and create an atmosphere that inspires. On the other hand, if you do, for example, life insurance, consider a classier option. Choose sleek and nice furniture to complete the serious and professional look you’re going for. Experiment, that’s the best way to get to know your brand.

4. Use your brand’s colours wisely

Just like your logo represents your brand to the world outside, your entryway represents the insides of your company. That’s where the first impression strengthens and forms. So, why would you impress your clients with the entrance and powerful logo, if you’re going to have blank and plain entryway?!

White walls are sometimes fine, but not if your goal is to create a powerful and effective entrance. Consider using your brand's colours for this one. One of the three main colours should be used for the walls, the other for the furniture, while the third one for details.

Be careful there as well. If you don’t match the colours well, chances are you’re going to create the opposite effect of the one you’ve hoped for. So, if you’re not ready for this bold move, consider using something simpler.

5. Don’t forget the importance of the light

Most people realise the importance of lighting where the lighting is absent. Lights can affect the way we perceive the entire room which can be generalised to the entire business. So, neglecting the importance of the lights is the wrong step.

We all know how uneasy we feel when we’re somewhere new and there aren’t enough lights. The whole place starts to seem sketchy and unreliable. To avoid such effects to your company, make sure that your entryway is well-lit. 

Even if you don’t have enough natural light to go by, you can always implement high-quality LED artificial light and create the vibe you’re going for. There are plenty of fashionable lamps, ceiling lights and wall lamps that can completely change the interior design to better. Accent the reception area and the entrance. That’s how you’ll create the effect you’re going for.

6. Consider contacting your local art community

If you want bold entryway, give your local artists the chance to boost your interior. The truth is that not many people have heard about your local artists. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t do quality work. They can help you achieve the effect you’ve always wanted.

So, instead of wasting time, pay your local arts community a visit and choose a piece from one of their galleries. In case their current work doesn’t match your expectations, you can always start a collaboration and get a customised art piece for your business.

Another option is to completely let your reception area to them. These creative individuals can design a fantastic interior better than some of the designers. They can help you convey the message in many ways you probably didn’t even think about. Give them a chance to make your business known.

7. Aroma is essential

Have you noticed that each space has its own smell? Just like your grandma’s house used to smell like warm cinnamon biscuits and fresh tea, your office entryway should have its own smell. How can you achieve that?

It’s commonly known that there are pleasant and unpleasant smells we encounter. Therefore, you need to take into consideration that almost every smell comes with a positive or negative emotional reaction. So, if you to leave a great impression on your clients, make sure that your entryway smells great.

You can use room refreshments with various fruity smells. They achieve a sweet atmosphere each friendly company needs. Besides that, you can use essential oils. Natural smells are always better than artificial ones, so try to choose grassy, flowery or fruity smells if you want to achieve your goals.

8. Broadcast your message clearly

Even though furniture and interior design can speak for themselves, broadcasting your message and mission clearly is essential. Does your business have a motto? If so, live by it. How can you use your motto and message to your advantage?

Instead of leaving the wall blank, consider writing your message there. Use your reception area to attract people to enter your premises and understand the message you want to convey. Pick a pretty, but readable, font and decorate your walls with the mottos and messages you want your clients to read.

If you don't have such a message, come up with one. Try to use your emotions rather than the brain. Even though witty messages can get you far, try to incorporate the emotions that will stick to your clients. Understand their point of view and present your business as the help they need.

 9. Incorporate plants

Let’s face it, plants freshen up every space. They contribute to the warm, yet professional atmosphere your business needs. Provided that you love the greenery in your space, plants are ideal for any office entryway.

Even though most office entryways and reception areas don’t have enough natural light plants need to survive, opt for plants for your work desk. These types of plants need minimum care to survive, so, it wouldn’t be an issue over the holidays and vacations.

Besides looking well, plants send an important message. They “tell” your clients and partners that you are a nurturing professional who cares about the environment. This is an amazing way to show your caring nature and ability to fulfil your clients’ and customers’ needs in business terms. So, fill your entryway and reception area with plenty of plants to achieve the fantastic atmosphere your business conveys.

10. Hire friendly staff

The reception area and the office entryway are the places where the first encounter between your clients and employees happen. The effect your business has on your partners and clients can severely depend on those encounters in the entryway. So, make sure you hire enough friendly staff.

If you have people working at the reception desk, make sure that they are polite and always in good mood to cooperate and help your visitors. That’s how you’ll create a friendly, approachable atmosphere from the beginning.

Hire helpful and cheerful staff for the reception area that will brighten everyone’s day. That’s how you’ll leave a powerful and effective impression.

11. Decorate with team photos

Decorate your entryway and reception area with photographs of your team. There is nothing more personal than the photos of the entire team. Show your guests and visitors a sneak peek to your staff and give them a bit of your intimate atmosphere. 

They are effective when it comes to impressing your clients and partners. They show the vulnerable part of your business that many people adore. Photographs show that your company consists of only humans, so the interaction with you or other employees will easily glide.

Consider adding photographs of the best employees, or employees of the month which shows that you’re a business worthy of trust. So, don’t forget to decorate your entryway.

12. Create a welcoming atmosphere

Whether you opt for the classy, unique or industrial interior design type, creating a welcoming atmosphere is always a necessity. With friendly staff and a warm interior, you need to include a couple of outdoor elements to make your guests feel welcomed.

Your clients will surely remember the way they first felt when they entered your company. Whether your business premises are in a building or a house, you should include the welcoming mat outdoors. Welcoming outdoor mats are an ideal way to greet your clients, guests and partners, and keep your premises clean. 

They are durable and can endure different weather conditions and are very long-lasting. So, it's a great investment every company should make.

13. Don’t forget to keep your entryway clean

One of the most common things people notice about your premises is the tidiness of your offices. So, naturally, they will notice the cleanness of your entryway and reception area immediately. If you want to leave a positive impression on your guests, make sure that your entryway is clean.

Clean the windows and vacuum the carpets every day. The shiny-clean entryway will leave a lasting impression on your clients. So, regular cleaning, wiping and vacuuming is essential for an effective reception area.


Even though many people neglect the importance of the office entryway, it is crucial to keep the reception area neat and well-design. So, if you want to create a fantastic first impression, create the welcoming and effective office entryway everyone will love. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on the entryway. Simple but unique furniture, bold colours and strong statements are all you need to create such an atmosphere. So, what are you waiting for? Create an effective entryway that will leave a magnificent long-lasting impression.


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