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Simple Ways To Choose Good Real Estate Company in Kochi

Are you planning to buy a property in Kochi? Of course, you may require the assistance of a good real estate company in Kochi. Here we discuss some easy ways to choose a good real estate company to buy a property in Kochi.

If you are planning to buy a property in Kochi, then finding the best builders in Kochi might be the very first thing on your mind. After all, consulting directly with a builder's office tends to be a more affordable option as compared to buying property via a broker or agent. Apart from the commission, the buyers are also concerned with the professional tie-ups the brokers favour for their personal gains. Some people also find consulting some local property dealer that a friend or acquaintance knows or has worked with. They tend to equate the trust factor with the level of camaraderie they have in such cases. While there are many people that fail to find any reliable person while buying a property and end up with losses or faulty deals.

So, what is the best way to find a reliable real estate company? How to choose a good real estate company in Kochi for buying a property? And, what makes a real estate company good or bad?


What is the best way to find a good real estate company in Kochi?


1.   Do some research to find some reliable names

Kochi is undergoing a real estate makeover and a number of players are operating in the sector. However, you must finalize two or three names that offer properties in your budget range. The best way to identify these 2 or 3 names is, to do the search online and find the builders in Kerala offering properties you like in the range of your budget. Once this is done, you can search for reviews in the consumer forums, online websites, and even by going in person to the people already living there. Research at the personal level is the best one and it offers you the best-ever reviews.

2.   Always do physical tours

Buying property is a decision that takes major investment and many people have to take loans or liquidate their assets for that. Hence, dealing with the builders on phone calls or buying property online is something that is highly risky. You must go in-person to talk to the builder (front desk or property salesman) and visit the properties to see them in actual. You must take the house tours (areas you have liked) and check the quality of materials as evident to the eyes. You can bring your friends or family members who have an understanding of the property etc. Physical tours not only offer you the exact picture, but they also allow you to interact with the other people living there and have a more realistic view of everything.

3.   People Skills

People working in the real estate sector have amazing people skills and can draw a fancy web around unsuspecting buyers in a few minutes. So, it is important to draw impressions from your visits and actual experiences instead of the fancy words you hear from them. Conversely, it is important for a real estate agent to have good people skills and give answers to all the property-related questions you ask. If your builder is unfriendly and not responsive to your questions, don’t feel pressured to buy a property just because you have come for a visit.

4.   Online Reviews are a must

While we have mentioned this point in the earlier section as well, it is something that most of us know, but still, fail to do. Online reviews are easily available these days and you can find mentions on a large number of platforms. Social media mentions, consumer forums, public portals, online websites, Google listings, and other online address books allow people to post their reviews and feedback. You must remember to check most of them and then proceed for physical visits.

5.   Service Portfolios

Having a great service portfolio is a must for someone operating in the people industry. Real Estate is one of the major sectors of an economy and companies operating in it must offer some additional services. These additional services comprise financial assistance, security, and surveillance in the property area, location benefits, daily needs stores’ availability, and added leisure services such as parks, gyms, and pools, etc. Further, the after-sales experience and maintenance, etc also come under this category. These days, the builders also offer assistance for documentation and other paper-related work. Hence, the more diverse and more inclusive a service portfolio is, the better a dealer is! However, there is a trade-off between the services and budget as well.

Hence, find your best combination for budget and services and then make the final decision.

6.   Check the papers

Before you finalize a property and make the payment, it is important to check the papers for the property. Further, make sure the papers are right by searching for the serial numbers and titles, etc online. Finally, be involved in the documentation process to make sure that you miss out on nothing. The more transparent a dealer is for the documentation process, the more trustworthy he is.

Finally, we recommend keeping your options open and consulting at least 2 or 3 builders for buying a budget villa in highly competitive markets like Kochi. Don’t get tired after just one or two visits. After all, you have to invest a lot of money and you have to keep the property for decades. Hence, be patient, and be wise. Keep these pointers in mind and then make the final decision!

We hope this discussion proves helpful to all our readers and they make the property decisions as an informed buyer!

Good Luck!


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