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Smart 4K TV At Reasonable Costs

Samsung is a quickly-growing brand, and it is engaged in designing, making, and selling intelligent televisions. The Samsung we expect it to be a budget-friendly offering because it comes with exciting features and, hopefully, intelligent picture quality.

Purchasing a popular branded tv. Most of us don't wish to shell out much; therefore settle for cheap options that often compromise. We tell you there is a new television brand in town called Samsung and that it offers a vast range of OLED, 4K, and HDR televisions at prices never heard of.

Samsung is a quickly-growing brand, and it is engaged in designing, making, and selling intelligent televisions. The Samsung we expect it to be a budget-friendly offering because it comes with exciting features and, hopefully, intelligent picture quality. Let's test the representation of the tv and see whether it matches our expectations or surpasses them.

Design and Build

Samsung has maintained the design of this modern. The Video has a basic construction and a slender design. A plastic bezel houses the 49-inch display with a bit of the Samsung logo. There is not much happening in the trunk, except that the connectivity ports are partly aligned towards the right. The straightforward design of ports gives easy access even with the tv wall-mounted.

The television is outfitted with two down-firing speakers, grilled inside a plastic cage. Samsung tv come with a smart remote, and that we found to be quite impressive. We only see such remotes bundled with luxury televisions. This helps in easily browsing through the interface and accessing content very quickly.


This Video's attributes are similar to any decent Smart 4K TV in the industry. The interface of this television is simple with a tile of menus and settings, neatly organized. The most exciting characteristic of the Samsung Smart 4K TV is its own hands-free voice interaction attribute, which will allow you to quickly control the television, change stations and command intelligent devices such as lights and robotic vacuum cleaner with just your voice.

The Samsung it recognizes scenes using algorithms to offer an improved picture quality with the ideal balance of brightness, contrast, and color saturation. This also means the Samsung Smart 4K TV should offer a more realistic and life-like viewing experience.

This Samsung Smart 4K TV has quite a few pre-installed programs to keep you entertained for hours. These apps offer you rapid access to movies, live television shows, and originals from major video-on-demand players. After all, this is a certified Android Television with a Play Store. You can stream content from the smartphone to the television using the built-in feature. Other connectivity options from the Samsung Smart 4K TV comprise two HDMI ports to connect a set-top box, either laptop or sound bar. There's also a USB interface to connect external USB drives like pen drives, hard drives, or even a USB mouse or keyboard. The television has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In terms of audio quality, the 49-inch Samsung Smart 4K TV has two speakers rated at 20W, which should create loud audio.


The Samsung Smart 4K TV is an intelligent television in the price offered. It has everything you would want at a 4K Smart TV. The very first thing we liked is the video remote. We attached it to the tv, and it was fun serving with the remote to navigate through the interface and surroundings.

This led tv runs Android, and using it on a sizable 49-inch display is fun. We joined a pen drive, and also the Samsung Smart TV immediately found it. We viewed multiple sample photos and videos with all the default settings. Pictures and videos appeared a bit too bright, sharp, and saturated. The shine and the backlight didn't create a vital difference. The white intensity often overwhelms the specifics, so gradients from the brighter shades disappear. The color saturation setting was also up too high. We managed to find a pretty wise look with impressive details after making some nice changes to the settings. These picture settings may help better your TV.

We also played several 4K movies on YouTube. You receive access to vast quantities of content utilizing Netflix and YouTube. There's a good deal of high-quality 4K content such as award-winning originals, tv shows, movies, music, and more. The built-in 20W stereo speakers include Dolby Audio aid and generate a loud and immersive sound. Samsung Smart Sound Engine normalizes sound and dialogues don't muffle at large volumes. We set the TV’s volume to 70%, and also the TV price is still quite heavy and sharp.

The bundled active remote is comfortable to use. It supports voice control. The operating assortment of the Samsung smart tv remote is intelligent. However, there's some delay between the presses of a button along the actions performed. This was noticeable while switching between channels and menus.


Not only can it be a much more affordable price, but additionally it is bundled with all the features you might find on a TV that prices twice as much. It has all you'll need, YouTube and Netflix more. There The cake with its bright image quality and quite a superior sound quality. It's a proper, certified smart tv!



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