Sonalika Tractor

Sonalika Tractor - Affecting Factors and Selection Guide

Sonalika tractor is reliant upon the soil type. Mainly two types of soil occur, hard soil or light soil.

The proper selection of a tractor is essential for generating good production. 

Sonalika tractors come in different sizes, hp and features. In this blog, we provide information about how to select a tractor according to work. 

Land Holding

Land Holding is the first and biggest operation of farming. And a selection of tractor or tractor hp is dependent upon the land size. If you have a heavy scale farm, then you have to require a high tractor horsepower for harvesting and plantation tasks. For example, one hp tractor is suitable for every 2 hectares of land. 

Soil Type

The weight of the Sonalika tractor reliant upon the soil type. Mainly two types of soil occur, hard soil or light soil. If your farm soil is smooth, then you want a lighter Sonalika tractor with higher ground clearance for efficient operation. 

Resale value 

You have to select a farm machine which has good resale value. The tractor dealer gives this information, or you can check websites. 

Machine design 

Design of the Sonalika tractor is very important for the farmer. The design includes ease of adjustments, the noise of the machine, vibrations and many more. So before selecting any farm machine, you have to check all the major technical factors. 


Spare Parts Availability


Before selecting any tractor or farm machine, you have to check spare parts availability near you. Easy availability of farm machine parts is the most important point to consider while selecting a tractor. 

Easy of Operations 

Before selecting, you have to check comfort during the tractor riding. The machine should not require any extra or unnecessary labour and power. Modern Sonalika tractor is the perfect solution for these kinds of problems. 

Long Working Hours 

The farm machine consists of many useful farm solutions. So before selecting a farm tractor, you have to check the working hours. It is an important point to consider. 

Human Comfort

Working comfort is the most important point while selecting a farm machine. Select the tractor, which gives you comfort, stability, and adjustability.

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