Strategic Sourcing vs. Sourcing Strategy

Strategic Sourcing vs. Sourcing Strategy

The term sourcing strategy means to reduce costs and increase efficiency to serve as an advantage to supply chain of any organization.

The term sourcing strategy means to reduce costs and increase efficiency to serve as an advantage to supply chain of any organization. Sourcing successful strategy requires a thorough understanding of a company's business strategy, the resources required to deliver that strategy, and the market forces and unique risks within the company associated with implementing specific approaches.

The term Strategic sourcing is a more enhanced approach in supply chain management. The process involves businesses working in-house or outsourcing their procurement model to professionals, to create the best strategic sourcing model based on what has been provided. Through this, businesses are able to focus on their revenue-generating activities with more attention.

How does strategic sourcing exceed sourcing strategy?

However, both the terms will sound to be somehow similar to you but the basic difference between both these are that sourcing strategies mainly focused on supplier pricing whereas strategic sourcing is a much broader concept with a dynamic process where cost and price is just one among the various aspects covered under it. As strategy cannot be digitized, improving with your strategic sourcing will allow you to adopt strategic methods to gather data and make more informed choices regarding the guidelines of the contracts. Strategic sourcing best practices include: digitizing documents, participating in a digital business network, and automating workflows.

Improved Relationship in Supply Chain

Businesses often need to work with different enterprises. Strategic sourcing helps to establish good contacts with your suppliers and moreover, ensures future procurement needs. Getting everything at the right time plays a very crucial role in supply chain and adopting strategic sourcing defines your prerequisites well in time to avoid any future harm.

Risk Management

Gain, depending on the relations established with your suppliers and conducting healthy means of communication among them allows you to identify and resolve potential problem quickly. This saves you time and also allows a hassle-free operations beyond the limits of digitization between your suppliers.

Encourages Constructive Competition

Business stakeholders are experts in their respective domains, but they naturally develop relationships as they engage in the business from day to day. Sourcing and procurement can offer a fresh and different perspective, asking tough questions and driving a competitive environment.

Improved Decision Making

Strategic sourcing facilitates the decision-making process of organizations. This is helping organizations to reduce their costs. Every organization wants to attain greater value and enhanced efficiency. In this age of cut-throat market competition, marketers are trying new ways to reach out to the public. With the help of strategic sourcing companies, organizations are streamlining their procurement operations.

Driving Efficiencies

When you are able to negotiate well and gain some savings through it, it directly impacts the bottom line of your supply chain management system, hence, works as a motivation to deliver efficiency at its best. Adopting a category strategy, defining the roles and responsibilities of every department and ask them to deliver according to the strategies will bring functionality to a précised procedure. 

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