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Super App Like Gojek – A key to unlock the online business development

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Super Apps are a great buzzword in the recent air. Super apps try to get more and more attention from the people around the world. It provides every need of the people at their doorsteps on a single tap. No matter where you are, a super app is undeniably convenient and make life a bit simpler! 

In Southeast Asia, the super-app model is evolving more rapidly than anywhere else in the world. According to the report by Google and Temasek, Southeast Asia's ride-hailing market is expected to reach $20 billion. 

So if you are Business Owner and Want to Build a Super App for your Business then this is for you,

What is Super App and Why to Build a Super App like Gojek?

A super app model is nothing more than a single Application with many OnDemand Services that perform different functions and satisfies different needs of the people. For Example, consider the model of the Olympic games. The event consists of different games for different peoples. Super Apps have now emerged as the advancement in technology-related business services and one of the Cost-effective solutions for Business which produces multi-services.

Business Model of a Super App

By targeting every customer through a single application for various needs of the people, super apps are emerging as a cost-effective solution and build a business model that is transforming the lives of peoples in emerging ondemand markets such as Food Ordering and Delivery,  Taxi Booking to Ride-Sharing and Ride-Hailing,  eLearning, Plumber, Electrician, E-Commerce, Online Payment, Financial activities, Moving, Parcel, logistics, and social networking everything on a single App. Little wonder then that the super app business model is being embraced by unicorns in other emerging markets. Super App offers different revenue generated by upgrading sub-applications in the main application. The creation of an ecosystem drives the chain of value creation, where a customer is provided with numerous services that effectively conceal his / her exit from use. Thus super apps have attracted a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs to build the same and generate high revenue.

Benefits of Super Apps for your Business

  • Get a huge Customer base for your Business
  • A variety of services under one Roof
  • Can Target Wide Range of Peoples and Services.
  • Cost-Effective Solution for Providing Multiple Services
  • High Customer Loyalty.
  • Allow you to get Valuable data related to customer behavior.
  • Provides your Business new opportunity and High stream of Income

Top Players on the Market

The “super app” name became a popular buzzword in Southeast Asia after Grab, WeChat, and Gojek, the 3 biggest tech startups, began describing themselves and starting providing Services. Some of the popular Super apps on the market are


How to Build your Own Super App like Gojek, Grab?

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to invest in this flourishing market, there is no better time than now. Start an On-Demand Multi-Service Super App like Gojek with Gojek Clone App and  Supply to the needs of the people on their Door Steps.

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