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What is phygital packaging



We exposed in a previous article the 12 secrets of good online packaging. But if you do not sell exclusively online, your packaging must be phygital (physical and digital contraction). We are lucky to rub shoulders with some of the most renowned experts in the packaging industry and Philippe Devismes gives us his 10 graphic golden rules for good phygital packaging. So take notes and take the advice of one of the most influential packaging design consultant in the sector!


1. The Brand Identity

If you want consumers to retain your product and your packaging, you will have to respect your graphic charter. This involves typography and visuals. Likewise, colors, shape and your brand should be visible. Premium Custom Boxes is famous for creating brand identity for its clients through packaging.  Your brand identity allows you to make yourself known and be recognized by your targets. Also, work well on this essential aspect of your conditioning because it will allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors and strengthen the mental representation that consumers will have of you. 


2. The Proportion Ratios

Via a web support, potential customers do not see the product in real format. It is difficult for them to have a precise idea of ​​its dimensions. Thus, it often happens that Internet users are disappointed by the size of a product purchased online. So a piece of advice: don't hesitate to give an idea of ​​the proportion ratios of your pack so as not to generate unpleasant surprises.

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3. The Importance Of Zooms

A customer who cannot see the entire package will be unlikely to buy it. Hence the efficiency of the zoom! Make sure your product is visible and legible. Offer the possibility of increasing the size of all packaging texts to allow consumers to become more familiar with the product.


4. Simplification Of Facings

The digital user experience is different from the real experience and must therefore go to the basics. Do not hesitate to simplify the phygital version of your packaging as much as possible. Rearrange the information and highlight the information that remains important to potential customers. For example, delete unreadable text and recalibrate the layout. The optimization of the facing improves the visibility of information and memorization. Don't doubt it: simplicity often pays off on the Internet.

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5. Constant Updating

Once your pack is online, don't forget to update it regularly if it changes. Replace the old photos with new ones so that the dematerialized image of the product remains faithful to that of the product. Again, customers expect a purchase that conforms to what you promise via E-commerce.

On the left, the old packaging still online on some sites. On the right the current one.


6. Highlight The Benefits Of Your Product

To sell, you have to convince; and this need is even more important when Internet users do not have the product in real format in front of them. You will therefore have to put the odds on your side and highlight the advantages of your brand. Objective: to justify the act of purchase by real product benefits . Customers want to know why they would buy you and not another competitor.


7. Animate Your Packaging With A 3D Version

The 3D version of your packaging allows Internet users to have a more precise idea of ​​your product. By validating each angle of view, they know what to expect and that reassures them in their online purchasing process.


8. Write A Clear And Concise Product Presentation

Now, you have to add the texts present next to your product. Again you will be asked for clarity and precision. Remember that the texts removed from the packaging during its simplification must legally be found online. All illegible facing texts must therefore be reproduced next to the product photo.

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9. Promote Access To All Your Communication Platforms

Consumers will often find themselves intrigued by your brand and want to know more. Add links to specific pages on your website to give them the opportunity to learn more ("Our values"; "About"; etc.). Highlight your social networks and other communication interfaces so that they can reach you more easily. This will promote your customer relationships on the Web and improve your online reputation with Internet users. 


10. Customize The Packaging

Finally, take into account the requirements and specific product requirements of customers. We are evolving in a dynamic of ultra personalization where everyone seeks to stand out from the others. Providing an individualized service will strengthen the customer experience and loyalty towards your brand. Finally, personalized packaging will make your offer unique to consumers. Give them the opportunity to customize their own pack.



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