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The 3 Tips to Follow “NEW NORMAL” In Your Office during COVID-19

With a bit of relaxation in COVID-19 rules by the government, people are returning to their work. So it’s time to reopen your office but unfortunately not like before. Things will be different because everything will work based on the “New Normal”. You have to follow the rules defined by the government to ensure the safety of your employees and other visitors.

According to the experts, the office premise is the major place for the spread of the virus because many different people are coming and going throughout the day. They pass through common entry points and touch the surfaces intentionally or unintentionally. So compared to rules followed at home, the safety protocols should be additional for your office building.

In this post, we will discuss the 3 basic tips to follow “New Normal” in your office and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Work on reducing the transmission at work

You very well know that coronavirus transmits from one person to another in different ways. It can either happen by direct or indirect touch between people. So you should take steps to reduce the transmission at your workplace.

  • You should educate your staff about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and ask them to follow the COVID safety signs mentioned in different corners of your office.
  • You should allow work-from-home for the employees who feel ill and implement flexible leave policies for the ease of your employees.
  • You should minimize physical like handshaking contact and prepare a set-up where remote working is possible. Ask your employees to year basis protective gear.
  • You should offer conveyance for your employees if possible so that they do not opt for public transports.
  • You should set up a corner at the entry points for the initial checking of every entrant. You should use thermal cameras, check the temperature, and ask for the symptoms.

Try to implement social distancing 

With no vaccine around, social distancing is only an effective way to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. You should take steps to implement social distancing in your office.

  • You should create flexible worksites so that employees can isolate themselves while working. There should be fewer people in the office, fewer on-site meetings, and no unnecessary visitors. Set up technologically-advanced workstations.
  • Start working in shifts if possible to minimize the number of employees in your office at one time. Also, you should clean and sanitize the building after every shift.
  • You should divide the worksites using physical barriers like plexiglass or plastic dividers and discourage shared equipment and workstations. Also, hang COVID-19 safety sign explaining social distancing rules at different places.

Follow the cleaning and disinfecting protocols

Undoubtedly, proper cleaning and disinfecting are two important elements two keep coronavirus away. Whether your office is overcrowded or not, you should follow cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

  • You should schedule daily cleaning and disinfecting of the office premises with a major focus on the high-touch surfaces. You should either hire professionals or explain the cleaning guidelines to your in-house housekeeping staff.
  • You should ask your cleaners to use disinfectants that are specially approved for treating coronavirus. Also, you should follow the cleaning techniques as well.
  • As compared to normal days, you should increase the frequency of routine deep cleaning. If you think twice was your normal, you should increase it to four times.

Taking these tips into consideration, we are sure you will set-up a safe working environment for your employees and prevent the spread of coronavirus in your office.

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