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The Best Automation Ideas to Turn Your Home Smart in 2021

Year over year, technology is growing and expanding, making the globe smarter. Home is one of all, wherein smart devices are playing a key role, making things convenient for all of us. Now we’re no more forced to use the light switch and set the thermostat manually. In our busy lives, all of these devices are gaining more and more popularity.

Further, as we’ve started a new decade, it’s also a time to catch a glimpse of your home and look for automation areas. There are so many ideas that’ll allow you to maximise the utilisation of the growing technology and stay in trend.

The only thing you’ve to do now is grab a chair, take a cup of coffee, and have seated. We’ll share with you the best automation ideas to turn your home smart in 2021.

  1. Smart doorbells to keep you safe

You may consider doorbells as an insignificant device. However, this small electronic equipment can prevent theft and home invasion. Wondering how? Though it is just another way for people to ring at your door, it will notify you whenever someone is in front of your door before opening the door.

Making video doorbells a part of your home automation will allow you to add an extra layer of protection. Whether you’re on your vacation, at your office, or home, you can see the person standing right in front of your door on your smartphone or laptop. Furthermore, there are plenty of options to choose from; even, you can customise it according to your preference.

The only regretful thing about these smart doorbells is the knock-knock fun will fall flat as you already know who’s there at your door. Jokes apart, they are best to keep a tab on your entryways.

  1. Smart smoke detector alerts you about fire

So, it’s simple: A smoke alarm that hints you about a fire nearby is good but the one that notifies you, no matter where you are, is amazing. Further, just imagine, you’re in your office working and your home got fire; what’s next, the damage is already done. But with smart smoke detectors, you can prevent the damage.

The detector notifies you when it detects smoke or when carbon monoxide reaches a dangerous level. It just doesn’t sound the alarm; it also alerts your smartphone and more.

The benefits aren’t yet over! Some smoke detectors also have a built-in speaker that will go off when it observes a high level of smoke in a specific area. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this device: You no more need to look for midnight chirps as you’ll also get battery dying notifications on your phone.

  1. Improve the efficiency of your HVAC

No doubt you must have taken optimum care of the HVAC unit. But now, it’s time to improve its efficiency and take it to the next level. In this case, many people consider it a waste of money. But the truth is optimised HVAC unit saves you money every single day.

Also, an improved HVAC doesn’t need to work hard to passively cool your home in summers and warm in winters. Hence, taking up to the next level will come in handy.

According to statistics, people have saved 15% on the heating and cooling bills in some cases. That also means it decreases the total energy consumption of your home.

  1. Also, make your kitchen smart

Most people spend the majority of their time in the heart of their house, the kitchen. Hence, the build of a smart kitchen is skyrocketing. You don’t need to tear down walls or break the bank balance to do so. A simple upgrade of your appliances will do the work for you.

With the surge in home automation, kitchens are beginning to emerge as a focus for brand home appliance manufacturers. So, look around your kitchen and identify your need. If you’re ready to dip more than a toe in the smart kitchen technology pool, then smart coffee makers would be a great kitchen hack.

Furthermore, you can also upgrade your refrigerator, stove, or other additional sensors that make the kitchen life more manageable. You just need to reach out to the appliances store and take guidance from them.

  1. Improve your home’s air quality

COVID-19 has taught us to focus majorly on our health and then on other things. This means understanding where your health risks lie and taking steps beforehand is vital. With the surging technology, you can surely do more than the basics to head off any health concerns that are bothering you.

Take, for example, smart air purifiers and aromatherapy diffusers; they monitor the quality of air and purify the indoor air if needed. With organic oils and clean air, you can use diffusers to create an aromatherapy session.

The great device that can be used to increase the blood flow to the parts of your body is a pulsed electromagnetic field device. They typically escalate the blood in those parts that are prone to cause issues. So, if you’re suffering from arthritis or stiff muscles, then you should have this device at home.

  1. Say no to food waste

Food waste has become a common problem all over the globe. Therefore, this year, the interesting smart device you should have is for tracking your food inventory. Various companies have manufactured food tracking and management systems for various homes.

Furthermore, appliance manufacturers are also finding a way out for making such appliances of inventory management. Out of all, STOK is the latest addition to the ever-growing IoT (Internet of Things). Its body is transparent and it has an airtight seal that keeps the body fresh.

So, grab the opportunity in this new decade, and manage your food inventory to minimise food waste, especially during parties.

  1. Make your fence smarter

With increased threats of burglaries, it's not just borders that need high walls, you also need high-performance smart fences. With the technology improving year over year, burglars are also getting smarter. Therefore, making a robust and reliable smart fence system can be a security boon for your home.

You can employ this device in various areas of your home, swimming pools, garden or lawn area, backyard, and even driveways. There are multiple options to choose from like is traditional fence fine for your home or solar power fencing. Whatever you choose, it will be termed as extra security for your home.

  1. Bring your theatre home

Since film theatre across the globe has already opened its doors, social distancing has become a huge barrier in film watching. Keeping that in mind, this year, you may need a home theatre to satisfy your needs.

Home theatre will enhance your viewing and listening experience through immersive technologies. As well, you can enjoy films and web series at home with your loved ones in a cheaper way. That’s the reason, numerous manufacturers have come up with the latest technologies for home theatres, enhancing our entertainment experience.

So, find the best projector, have high-definition speakers, control your lighting, install specialised seating to make a home theatre. This set-up will render you the best cinematic experience at your own home.


As you can see, there’s no shortage when it comes to home automation ideas for 2021. They are here to make your life easier, entertaining, and more straightforward. These were some top ideas for home automation; there are other ideas too that will help you with it.

Before jumping on to execute any of the ideas or all of them, you must consider your preferences, needs, and budget. So, if you want to make your home UV safe, then search devices for that. Or if you want to save money on electricity bills, then go for making your kitchen smart. If you come up with another creative way, then go for it!


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