The Cancer Game Plan: Helping in the Campaign for Cancer Awareness featured image

The Cancer Game Plan: Helping in the Campaign for Cancer Awareness

This article further details what The Cancer Game Plan is about and how the advocacy/movement is helping in the campaign for cancer awareness.

Lung cancer remains to be one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among Filipinos. The Global Cancer Observatory’s 2018 report on the Philippines showed over 17,000 new cases in both males and females of all ages1.

The stigma surrounding cancer is still prevalent in the country, and campaigns like Hope From Within's Cancer Game Plan PH (CGP) Campaign intend to raise awareness and improve patients' overall well-being. The movement and advocacy, launched in 2018, aims to arm patients with the necessary resources for them to fight the dreaded disease effectively.

During its launch, various stakeholders shared the situation of cancer care in the country, emphasizing the need for better access to health assistance in the Philippines as treatments are often unaffordable due to their costly nature.

Other aspects of cancer care were also brought to the table, including the importance of empowering cancer patients, early detection and accurate diagnosis, and discussions on new treatment options such as immunotherapy. These key points are the pillars of the CGP.


 CGP milestones

Since the launch of the Cancer Game Plan PH, Hope From Within has established a constant online presence in line with the campaign's objectives, especially with posts containing the hashtag, #CancerGamePlanPH. Through this increased visibility on social media platforms, more patients are reaching out, either sharing their experience or inquiring about treatment options and health assistance.

The campaign focused on building general awareness and multi-sectoral community engagement. Hope from Within also facilitated and participated in various fora that tackled challenges of Filipino Cancer patients and explored opportunities to redefine support and interventions in the continuum of cancer care through multi-sectoral collaboration and policy development. These efforts amplified the urgency for the enactment of Republic Act 11215 or the National Integrated Cancer Control Act (NICCA) on February 14, 2019, and the issuance of its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) by the Department of Health on August 9, 20192.

Cancer prevention and improvement of cancer survivorship are the primary goals of the NICCA. The Philippine Cancer Center, National Integrated Cancer Control Council, and Cancer Assistance Fund shall be established following its provisions.

As part of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the NICCA, PhilHealth should include primary care screening, detection, diagnosis, treatment assistance, supportive care, survivorship follow-up care, rehabilitation, and end-of-life care for all types and stages of cancer in both adults and children3.

Together, the NICCA and the Universal Health Care (UHC) Law aim to make medical assistance in the Philippines more accessible for cancer patients through the expansion and strengthening of essential programs and services in the health sector4.

Recently, HFW introduced “Tita Hope” on its social media platform to help in their advocacy to raise awareness of the disease. Tita Hope will make appearances online to help those with inquiries related to cancer care, and to advocate equitable access to more Filipinos, especially the underserved.

Hope From Within continues to emphasize the importance of early cancer detection, of a solid support system, and of better access to innovative treatment options


Cancer care amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Hope From Within remains staunch with the advocacy to raise cancer awareness and support patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This global health crisis impacted the operations of all industries in the Philippines, foremost of which is the health sector, which faced the biggest challenge of delivering health services beyond usual capacity due to continuing rise of cases. The quarantine restrictions has likewise posed obstacles for many cancer patients to proceed with consultation and treatments.


The Cancer Game Plan: Helping in the Campaign for Cancer Awareness featured image 2

To help patients continue receiving cancer care in the midst of the disruption brought by the pandemic, Hope From Within, in partnership with the Philippine Society of Medical Oncologists (PSMO), released a working list of hospitals that are still receiving inquiries from cancer patients.

They also disseminated information on telehealth services, health consultations conducted through electronic platforms such as SMS, online messages and chats, phone calls, or video calls. This digital service allows a safer and more convenient way to access information directly from health professionals.

Last June 26, 2020, Hope From Within also conducted a webinar, in partnership with PSMO and Cancer Coalition Philippines, about Cancer Care in the time of COVID.

The "new normal" setting is heavily reliant on online and digital platforms, and maximizing these channels helps the organization meet the goals of the campaign.



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