Basement waterproofing is an act that we normally go for when there is certain leaking of water in our basements. Your home is your shelter, and the basement is the basis of that home.

Basement waterproofing is an act that we normally go for when there is certain leaking of water in our basements. Your home is your shelter, and the basement is the basis of that home. Most of the people, nowadays, undergo waterproofing during construction of the building. The reason is that whether the problem would occur or not, people take precautionary measures to ensure basement waterproofing. 

So why is there so much stress of basement leaking? Well, once a problem occurs like leaking, it continues to happen again and again. This is the major reason that you might feel less confident in hiring contractors, as not everyone can satisfy you completely. The main objective is a system that can resist water seepage into your basement for good. So, the waterproofing system should be strong enough to seal the basement from water seepage completely. 

How to Waterproof Your Basement 

There are simple methods to the waterproof basement for relieving your stresses. You wonder how? There is no way that only solving water seepage internally would end the problem neither externally. Our team seeks the best strategy through its expertise to completely waterproof internally and externally as well. This process is comprised of two parts.

Look for Internal Water Seepage

The first step is to stop the internal water seepage for waterproofing the basement from inside. The small cracks or porous surface results in seepage of water. The hydrostatic effect causes the change of pressure in groundwater, leading to the seepage of water from all kinds of cracks and pores. 


External Water Seepage

Can’t figure out the cause of water leakage in the basement? There is a high probability that there might be an external route through which water might seep inside the basement. This could be a pain as figuring out the source is a headache. Leave it to us as we are here for your support. The external seepage could be because of the following reasons:

  • The ledge plates used at the boundaries of the building
  • Mortar joints might be leaking
  • Cracks in foundations
  • Leaks in tie rods
  • Window wells

Along with these, there are multiple other sources from where water would come out and destroy your basement. Therefore, the requirement is the waterproofing basement walls from outside.

How We Undergo Basement Waterproofing

Homeowners! Don’t worry, as our expert team would make sure to completely fix the cracks and bring you the best basement waterproofing. We would make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work. 

External Waterproofing

To solve the issue of water seepage externally, the first step is to excavate the ground that is surrounding the house. We know that you want an easy way but believe us; this is the best-suited method. The weeping tile is investigated properly, and the reason behind its failure is also figured out.

It is then replaced, and afterward, all of the cracks and other gaps are filled properly to ensure no further leakage. For the best possible solution, a submembrane is used. It has a rubber, air hole and is waterproof. This is placed over the entire foundation while refilling is continued. 

Internal Waterproofing

Are you worried about the internal leaking of water in your basement? No worries, as we are here to solve your problem. Our team makes a channel along the floor at the edge of the leaking wall. Further, along with the channel, a drainage system is placed, and the leaking edge is closed using a seepage rock.

Moreover, a waterproof layer is used over the entire foundation along with the drainage system. For fixing of the floor, concrete is poured for a complete fixing of the problem. The sump pump supports the relative pumping out of water during the whole process. This leads to a proper finishing of the basement.

Problems We Solve

We have an experienced staff that is fully trained and works with a complete strategy. No need to worry about small or big problems. Just leave it to us. We can provide support in the following problems:

  • Waterproofing of basement 
  • Leakage and water damage
  • Installation of water valves
  • Establishment of sump pump for complete water removal
  • Repair of foundational cracks
  • Establishing membrane for waterproofing like Blue Skin

To summarize, we aim to achieve our customer satisfaction through proper guaranteed work. Our customer support services are available round the day for our valuable customers. Our competitive price and expert workers would surely satisfy you up to your expectations.

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