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The Evolution of SEO And What Modern-Day SEO Encompasses

SEO was once considered a non-essential element for websites. However, times have changed and no one in today’s world can think of creating websites without SEO. In this blog, we will see how SEO services in India have evolved and the services your website needs the most.

SEO’s origins can be traced back to the ‘90s when the internet was still in its nascent stages and usability was very restricted as internet services were very expensive and mostly out of reach for the masses. During those times, SEO used to be remarkably different from what it is today.  

As search engines were still taking their baby steps, data cataloguing and indexing were nowhere near the standards that are practiced today. As a result, black-hat SEO techniques were at the peak of their powers and they delivered results too. Search engine algorithms also took months to be updated, which meant that unfair SEO practices such as keyword stuffing were practiced left, right, and centre. 

Enter the 2000s 

In the 2000s, internet services slowly started making their way to India and this gave a great opportunity to businesses to market themselves online. Slowly and steadily, SEO services in India started to gain traction. But with the greater accessibility came several upgrades to search engine algorithms. Slowly but surely, black-hat SEO was on its way out, as Google and other prominent search engines started prioritizing websites that employed fair SEO practices. 

This period also saw the introduction of personalized search results, something that most of us take for granted today. And with this, local SEO was born, allowing users to look at items of interest near them. 

As the late 2000s made their way in, real-time updates and notifications were introduced by search engines, which further impacted SEO practices. SEO started to become much more targeted and focused. As social media started to make its presence felt around the world at this time, users’ attention spans began to wear thin. However, SEO continued to evolve as optimizing images and videos became necessary for businesses to be of meaning and relevance to target audiences. 

SEO Today 

Today, SEO doesn’t just involve creating written content for websites, but also mobile platforms and videos. The greater degree of personalization has also triggered fears within users worldwide regarding breach of privacy. While SEO continues to help businesses grow and thrive on the internet, the future will perhaps see SEO become even bigger. If you have been ignoring SEO, no time is better than now to hire the best SEO company in India. Hiring the best in the business will ensure that the following modern-day SEO practices will be employed to take your website to greater heights: 

  • Focusing on Featured Snippets: Ever since Google launched its ‘Featured Snippets’ feature, many websites have benefited from content that clearly answers the questions of their respective target audiences. When you hire a reputed SEO company, it will identify your website’s target audience, the audience’s questions, and craft content that accurately answers all of them while incorporating all necessary keywords. Websites that appear in the ‘Featured Snippets’ section are visited much more than the ones that don’t. 

  • Enabling HTTPS Protocol: The best modern-day SEO professionals know that the HTTPS protocol makes websites secure and they understand users’ growing concerns regarding privacy. That’s why enabling HTTPS protocol for your website will be one of the most important steps to be taken by a high-quality SEO agency. 

  • Optimization for Mobile Searches: With the number of mobile phone users continuously rising, it’s safe to say that there will soon come a time when mobile searches will dominate online search behaviour. The very best SEO agencies know how important mobile optimization is and they will be quick to optimizing your website for both text search and voice search. 

SEO’s evolution has had a lot to do with the fact that at some point in time, it became essential. You should hire a search engine optimization company in India and experience how ethical SEO practices transform your website’s fortunes.

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