Nursing Home Abuse

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Nursing Home Abuse

Here I have discussed the impact of COVID-19 on nursing home abuse.

Nursing home abuse, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is common. The pandemic condition in itself is worse. Patients suffering from this condition face negligence. Nursing homes may not allow visitors. In many cases, negligence also results in the death of the patients.

  • The abuse may be physical, emotional, or financial
  • In most cases, senior citizens face nursing home negligence and abuse
  • You can approach a Philadelphia law firm to file a lawsuit against nursing home abuse

Before you can file a lawsuit it is important to understand the type of abuse you may face. It is important to identify the abuser and the abused.

  • Physical abuse

This type of abuse may be in the form of physical harm. To a certain extent, it may include severe actions like pushing, hitting, scratching, slapping, cutting, and starvation. These are examples of physical assaults. If you face such abuses, you may need to seek advice from good lawyers in Philadelphia.

An expert may take legal actions based on the physical signs and symptoms of abuse. These include cuts, bruises, broken bones, bedsores, and scrapes. These are generally termed as the physical apparent signs and marks.

  • Emotional abuse

These types are generally identified as psychological signs. They can affect you mentally and emotionally. You can approach the best personal injury attorney in Philadelphia if you face emotional abuse.

You may not always see visible marks. Common types of abuse may include chastising, yelling, scaring, ignoring, and berating. Common visible signs of emotional abuse include hair loss, fearfulness, depression, anxiety, and crying. When facing emotional abuse you may need the assistance of the best Philadelphia nursing home abuse defense attorney.

  • Sexual abuse

Even with senior citizens, sexual abuse is common. It may not be easy to imagine seniors being abused sexually. But that’s true. This type of abuse may be upsetting for seniors.

To a certain extent, it may include physical touching, intercourse, and grouping. Visible signs may be in the form of breaks, bruises, and cuts along with the private parts. It is better to contact the best Philadelphia law firm when you notice these symptoms.

  • Financial abuse

Financial abuse is very common among seniors in nursing homes. They can be exploited financially. It can be of different types. It could include acts of demanding money, assets transfer, goods purchase, and cash withdrawals.

You may have to notice common signs including unexplained cash withdrawal from the bank account and assets transfer. Always reach for good lawyers in Philadelphia the moment you notice any such act.

  • Negligence

This is also a common type of abuse faced by seniors in nursing homes during a pandemic. It can be in many different forms including lack of medical supplies, bad feeding habits, hygiene, etc. injuries, and ailments that may not be cared for properly by the nursing home staff. Always contact a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia.

To identify negligence, you have to closely observe the condition of your loved ones. Common signs may include weight loss, dirty appearance distress, and anxiety, etc. On noticing common signs, you can get in touch with the Philadelphia nursing home abuse defense attorney.

It is important to identify the abuser. These may include cleaning staff, facility care services, family members, and nursing home residents as well. Having a valid Shuttleworth Insurance may always prove helpful for the proper care of the senior citizens in the nursing home.

Pandemic times have triggered an incuse in such instances. It is important to look around for justice for your loved ones. In general, people who opt for long-term health care often face such abuses. Pandemic time has often had a great impact on the nursing home sector.

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