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The Most Haunted Places in India for Adventure Lovers

In this blog, we've explored adventures experience for different place worldwide with full details.

Travelers often consider India as the land of hidden mysteries. For ages, a supernatural air flows across this country. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, such articles may interest readers. From religious practices to traditional rituals that defines the country, India makes the most fascinating tourist destination.

Forts, palaces, villages, hotels, and forests make some of the horrifying Indian spots. In this country, you can find plenty of locations abandoned for their stories and experiences. Many travel providers offer online discount codes only to make sure adventure lovers can unravel these mysterious spots to their best.

Being someone who feel spine-chilled and thrilled around these places is okay. Reading about it may still catch your attention. Many of us have some friends in our circle who take interest in spirits and like reading about eerie practices.

So, it may either be a friend’s adventure travel, or you may want ideas for an upcoming Halloween party, the most haunted places in India are many. I am listing the most popular ones below.

Most Haunted Places inIndia

From Bhangarh Fort and Kuldhara Village in Rajasthan to D’Souza Chawl and Mukesh Mills in Mumbai, every place shares a spooky tale.

Read the list below and decide which destination scares you the most.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan is known as one of the most haunted places in India today. But, during its heyday, this place was known to be one of the most attractive architectures in this country.

The fort was built by Maan Singh in 1573 and named after his grandfather Bhan Singh. According to the legend of this kingdom, a wizard fell in love with the princess named Ratnavati.

He practiced magic and wanted to have the princess. So, he created a potion that would hypnotize the princess and attract her towards him. But, before it could work, the princess came to know about his evil plans and killed him.

With the last breaths of this wizard, he cursed the Bhangarh Fort for destruction. Soon after this, it was destroyed by the Mughals. Today, it has a signboard warning tourists and visitors not to go inside after sunset.

Being a traveler, when I used travel discount codes to avail packages for visiting this fort, I was suggested to go with a tour guide. It helps any visitors to get lost while wandering in the scary fort. If you plan to travel, consider going with friends, locals, or a guide.

Kuldhara, Rajasthan

A royal trip to Rajasthan can be haunting if you step in the Kuldhara Visit, Jaisalmer. This village has a haunting story to tell for its haunting transformation from day to night.

It is maintained by the Archealogical Survey of India (ASI) and is closed for visiting after sunset. While you can find this location with well-maintained temples and houses today, it remains abandoned for over 200 years.

Back then, this village was under the merciless rule of Prime Minister Salim Singh (also known as Zalim Sing for his brutalities). On a fine day, his eye caught attention of the Village Chief’s beautiful daughter. He was so astonished by her beauty that he declared marriage to her and forced the villagers to obey his order.

But, for the pride of the village and their daughter, the villagers packed their belongings and disappeared from the village overnight! Today, no one has an idea of where the villagers went.

But, as the people cursed Kuldhara, no one could settle in there. It haunts and hunts anyone who steps inside at night. Anyone is allowed to take pictures in this town, but the government restricts to stay inbounds after sunset.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

If you have known any part of the Bollywood industry, Mukesh Mills, Mumbai is not a name to ignore. This popular mill was known for loading and unloading cotton and yarn during 1980s. But, later on it was abruptly shut down. It also caught fire later on and left the mill in the current condition.

For its architecture, Mukesh Mills is popular among Bollywood directors. Several famous songs from movies like Jumma Chumma Dede from Hum and Jee Karda from the movie Badlapur were shot here.

But, even after this crowd, the mill haunts and scares anyone who goes. Actresses like Bipasha Basu and Kamya Punjabi have shared their eerie experiences in this mill. While one was not able to deliver her dialogues, the other witnessed a possessed crew member.

You may keep hearing more stories as Mukesh Mills has opened its doors for function and parties. It went under renovation and is form now.

Shaniwar Wada Fort, Pune

India is famous for its royal and traditional architectures. Similar is the Shaniwar Wada Fort, built in 1730, in Pune. Ruled by the Peshwas, it was ruled by the bloodline of Bajirao (exactly from the Movie Bajirao Mastani).

It stands out for its brilliant construction and marks as a beautiful tourist spot. But, the historical delight of this place makes it one of the most haunted places in India.

According to its spooky tale, in 1883, this fort came into power of an 18 years old prince Narayan Rao. But, his jealous aunt Anandi Bai and Uncle Raghunath Rao could not stand the decision. So, they ordered the guards to kill this young boy in the fort.

So, on a full moon night, the boy was brutally massacred in this fort for power and money. It is said, that before dying the prince ran to his uncle begging for mercy. Now, Shaniwar Wada is haunted by his soul.

Also, on every full moon, Prince Narayan Rao’s cries of ‘Kaka Mala Vacha’ (Uncle, save me) can be heard outside the fort. Tourists find this place attractive and beautiful during the day. But it gives an eerie feel at night.

Dow Hill, Kurseong

Besides being scary, Dow Hill is an undiscovered place in India for many. It is situated in Kurseong in West Bengal and is a hill station very near Darjeeling. While it is a famous tourist spot offering waterfalls, tea gardens, and valleys, it also has the famous Subhas Chanda Bose Museum.

But, the hill station is more famous for not one but many scary tales. People share their spine-chilling experience of seeing a headless boy and women in sari at night. Also, Dow Hill is owns Victoria Boys High School.

This school is also a haunted place and spirits of children are said to wander around. It is why visitors and tourists are advised to stay indoors. The place can be dangerous if you plan to explore it at night.

The Takeaway

The most haunted places in India carry on a long list. But, the spooky tales of these travel spots are unforgettable. From Bhangarh Fort’s story of passion and hatred to Shaniwar Wada’s story of murder and greed, every haunted place brings an eerie feel.

You can start with these places and unravel the mysterious adventures of this country. If you have ever been to one of such place in India, share your experience in the comments below.


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