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The Salwar Types That Every Woman Should Include in Her Wardrobe

Gone are those days when girls dreaded wearing a salwar. Well, you couldn’t blame them, as the outfit used to look rather plain and boring. But now, it’s all about experimenting as we’ve got more than ten different kinds of salwar. Here are the different types of salwar that every woman should include in her wardrobe.

Dhoti Salwar

You must be wondering how come women wear dhotis. Well, kudos to the genius designer who thought women could rock men’s dhotis, and they sure do! They are trending these days because of their stylish and edgy look. Moreover, dhoti pants are so comfortable and can be paired with straight kurtas and anarkalis.


Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants may look simple, but when worn, they bring out a whole new classiness in your personality because they are so sophisticated and sleek. One of these days, skip a regular Anarkali look and go for the cigarette pants instead.



If you didn’t know, the mother of all leggings that you wear today is the churidar. It comes with minimal pleats at the waist and is still used by many. Churidhar looks excellent if you’re looking to give an illusion of longer, leaner legs. By wearing these, you could have a party wear anarkali salwar kameez.



Almost every woman’s favourite piece of clothing, the Patiyala is comfortable and airy and hails from Punjab. It is perfect for hot days, and even though it has a flow to it, the Patiyala flatters every body type. Pair it with a short or long kurta. You could also try quirky colours of Patiyala pants and rock it.


Harem Salwar

This is most useful while travelling as it can be painstaking to sit for long hours in uncomfortable clothing. Don’t worry; however, harem pants are your best friend. They’re so airy; you might even forget they are there. Rock your boho style by pairing these with short kurtis, spaghettis, or a crop-top.


Afghani Salwar

These are also called Aladdin pants and are quite similar to regular salwar pants and Patiyalas, but with big cuffs in the bottom. These can be paired with short Kurtis and tank tops. Explore more to find a vast collection of Afghani salwars at



Women can’t ever have too many palazzos. Every time they go shopping, they happen to pick up a palazzo of a new colour. They just can’t get enough.  You could be running late, but all you have to do is pull a pair of palazzos up, and you’re going to make heads turn. A bonus is that it’s incredibly comfortable and hides any kind of problem areas. You could pair them with long or short kurtas and even anarkalis.



Just like palazzos, you can never get enough of leggings. Ever since they were discovered, they’ve been a massive hit. Coming in several colours and having a stretch to it, leggings come at affordable prices. Although they can’t be regarded as authentic salwar, leggings work well to create a salwar look.


Simple Salwars

These are usually worn by the older generation now. However, they are comfortable to wear and can be paired with straight kurtas.


Straight Salwar

These are a mix of cigarette pants and palazzos as they are slightly narrower than palazzos but broader than cigarette pants. They also have a uniform length from top to bottom.



If you haven’t paired a skirt with an Anarkali or kurta yet, you’re missing out a lot. It can create a very effortless yet put-together look. This has recently become quite a trend among college-going girls as it gives a very Indo-Western look. It has also been used by several actresses in Bollywood films such as Alia Bhatt in ‘2 States’. You can also create an exciting look by pairing these with tank tops and pairing it up with traditional earrings. Like leggings, skirts aren’t a type of salwar. But, what’s the harm when they can create such a great look?



Although from Pakistan and original work by the Muslim community, Shararas are slowly gaining great popularity. Several brides have chosen them as it gives a very flowy, comfortable yet classy look. Moreover, you can never go wrong with shimmer and colours on your sharara, as it looks great with them. Try them out to have a party wear anarkali salwar kameez.


Are you missing out on any of these in your wardrobe? If yes, shop right away for an attractive collection of salwar types in your closet.

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