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Things You Should Know About T.KAIZE Jewelry

Here is specially selected detailed information for everyone to understand the things to know about the silver ring. So, let's get started!

Here is specially selected detailed information for everyone to understand the things to know about the silver ring. So, let's get started!


What are silver rings made of?


Sterling silver rings are made up of 92.5% pure silver with the remaining 7.5% copper, alloy, zinc, and other metals. The metals used for silver rings make them stronger and more durable.


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What is special about silver rings?


Silver rings are an extremely beautiful piece of jewelry that is durable and strong at the same time. Silver rings made from pure silver only are not suitable for everyday fashion, but sterling silver rings are strong due to the metal used. Women love rings and the feel they are Angeles. Many people buy sterling silver rings for special occasions like an engagement or wedding. The silver rings are very well coated and polished with a platinum-rhodium metal to give them a rich look and make them resistant to tarnishing.


What are the reasons to buy silver rings safely?


1.Durable, beautiful, affordable


Silver rings are everyone's budget option. Silver rings give a total return in terms of quality and money invested. If silver rings are cared for properly, they can last a lifetime. Not only this, silver rings are easy to repair. It is also easily affordable compared to other types of rings available in the market. The silver rings from fit perfectly in everyone's pocket, design wishes, and also look beautiful with every outfit.


2.Modern and elegant designs


Silver rings are also the type of finger rings that come with complete flexibility due to the properties of sterling silver. This is also why it is possible to carve creative designs, shapes, designs, and styles. Therefore, it is easy for fashion trendsetters to design their outfits with different types of silver rings. One of the best things about silver rings is that it matches all looks and outfits. Buy silver rings today to dazzle all your styles, be it weddings, engagements, parties, or any other celebration. You can view our amazing collections of silver rings on


3.Kind to the skin


Some people avoid wearing jewelry because their skin reacts to it. But, in the case of silver rings and silver jewelry, there is no such thing. Silver rings do not give any feeling of irritation and can be worn by everyone without having to complain. Silver contains properties that do not cause allergies on the skin, which makes it super comfortable for all skin types.


How to recognize fake silver rings on the market?


Yes, duplicate and fake silver rings made with the material are sold. Here's how you can be sure that the silver rings you buy are real:


  • Fake silver rings are of poor quality.
  • It will feel more magnetic.
  • The tone of the fake silver ring would be like a cream color.
  • Please try to clean the silver rings with a cloth, if you find no black marks visible, please understand that those are not real silver rings.

So, stay tuned and use the information mentioned above to make sure you only buy the original.


How to care for and clean silver rings?


Use a jewelry box or bag to store your silver jewelry when not in use. It is important to note that before swimming or touching any chemical water such as chlorine, ammonia, or bleach, remove the silver rings. Silver rings, if constantly exposed to such chemicals, can destroy the property and overall shine of the silver ring. Use a polishing cloth and clean the silver rings properly. You can remove tarnish from silver rings with an ammonia-free enamel.

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