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Blueprint a maker of printer ink, photograph paper, and toner cartridges broke another printing record on eighteenth October 2013. 

Blueprint a maker of printer ink, photograph paper, and toner cartridges broke another printing record on eighteenth October 2013. 

Blueprint infused ink that success the world's most printhead neighborly ink grant 

Blueprint effectively printed 36,100 pages of text from a solitary printer unit at an Indonesian computer show, Yogyakomtek. The figure is higher than the past record held by Epson Indonesia of 30,160 pages in 2012. Figures and methodology were seen and confirmed by a similar record-keeping association MURI (Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia). 

This accomplishment is an achievement the most elevated in Indonesia, yet probably the most elevated on the planet. In light of refreshed Google search, no other association on the planet has been known to keep records and distributed printing perseverance of a printer's printhead. 

Other than that, PT Epson Indonesia likewise held 2 MURI records of 22,022 pages in 2010 and 30,160 pages in 2012 allude that MURI records are feelings of pride to see by top-notch printer makers. 

Until this point in time, Blueprint holds the most noteworthy printing record in 2 classes of various printhead technology ie. Air pocket JET and PIEZZO 

Records kept up by MURI are as per the following 

2009 – BLUEPRINT – 18,000 pages utilizing BUBBLE JET printer CANON IP1880 

2010 – PT EPSON INDONESIA – 22,022 pages utilizing PIEZO printer EPSON L100 

2012 – PT EPSON INDONESIA – 30,160 pages utilizing PIEZO printer EPSON L350 

2013 – BLUEPRINT – 36,100 pages utilizing PIEZO printer EPSON L110. 

The record-breaking measure gazed toward the beginning of August 2013. The printer utilized was EPSON L110. The standard format comprises of a full page of text that is re-iterated throughout the entire page in addition to basic reality. Printers were worked each workday and had the option to print around 2000 pages for every day. The entire cycle was video transferred LIVE at 

All out printer ink use is 3 containers of 100 ml each for Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow and 9 jugs of dark shading. Printing cost is 18 containers x us$3.5 aggregates us$63.- divided by 36,100 pages = us$0.0018 or 18 penny for every 100 pages. 

Printhead devaluation was not determined on the grounds that toward the finish of 36,100 pages, printhead was still in impeccable condition. 

In the work area printing industry, a printhead is supposed to be impeccable condition if and just in the event that it prints without white lines. White lines are signs of an obstructed printhead in at least one of its spout. The time allotment and profitability of a printhead to keep up an ideal printing condition depends on the sum and size of the buildup (salt minerals) inside the ink utilized. 

Blueprint utilized APV balance innovation to decrease ink from stopping up and limits consumption at the printhead. 

This MURI record demonstrates that Blueprint is protected to utilize, printhead amicable, and comparable no holds barred with unique printer produces' ink. 

The display of the printed paper are kept at the MURI historical center in Semarang, focal java. 

Achievement for the Blueprint's endeavor in accomplishing the title of "The mix top off ink to deliver the most content and shading printout, 36,100 pages from a solitary printer without harming its printhead" 

11 Jul 2013: 08:00: opening shot groundwork for print perseverance trial of Blueprint ink. 

03 Jug 2013: 13:00: Video Streaming at Blueprint site go live 

12 Aug 2013: 10:50: Printing of the primary page of Text and Color commenced. 

24 Aug 2013: 13:25: Printing arrived at the 10,000th page 

02 Sept 2013: 15:40: Printing arrived at the 20,000th page 

09 Sept 2013: 11:35: Printing arrived at the 30.000th page 

10 Sept 2013: 09:42 Printer is sent off to the city of yoga where the exhibition was arranged. 

14 Sept 2013: 09:00 Printer showed up at JEC (Jogja Exhibition Center) and resume printing. 

18 Sept 2013: 11:20 Printing halted at 36,464 pages (printhead in impeccable condition, way passed the 36,100 targetted) 

18 Sept 2013: 19:10 the freshest MURI Award was given by MR Paulus Pangka to Blueprint on the last day of the Yogyakomtek presentation 

Specialized particulars 

Ink type: Blueprint Bulk ink 100 ml 

Printer Type: Piezo Printhead EPSON L110 

Ink Delivery: mix framework 

Paper type: HVS 80 gsm A4 size 

Print Margins: top 2.5 cm. base 2 cm, each side's 2.2 cm 

Text style type: Arial 

Text dimension: 11 focuses 

Space in the passage: twofold space 

Printing example: Alphabets and numbers are iterated throughout the entire report in addition to a basic CMYK Chart 

Printing technique: format example is printed again and again until the printhead is harmed. 

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