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Things to Consider Before Developing an On-demand Roadside Assistance App

The need for tow trucks and roadside assistance app is quite huge, especially on highways, intercity, states, etc. Just imagine if someone’s car runs out of fuel while traveling to another city and the car owner seeks help by calling anyone.

Weekends are meant for fun, relaxation, and enjoyment! But, each one of us has their way to enjoy weekends. Some would plan a movie with their dear ones while some would prefer to go on a short trip with their cars!

Say, for instance, you’ve decided on a short trip with your family and started your vacation by stuffing up things like a travel pillow, small blanket, some eatables, and snacks, but your car breakdown spoiled the fun in the midway! In such a scenario, anyone would try to fix issues by themselves. But what if it couldn’t get fixed? 

Eventually, the local towing services need to be called to tow a car to the nearest garage. But this is only possible if the nearest possible garage is just 2-3 km away from the accident point. In such cases, the on-demand towing service option comes to the rescue!

Why Direct Towing App for Roadside Assistance?

The need for tow trucks and roadside assistance app is quite huge, especially on highways, intercity, states, etc. Just imagine if someone’s car runs out of fuel while traveling to another city and the car owner seeks help by calling anyone. But what if none of them respond? 

That’s where the Direct Towing app comes to the rescue where the car owner chooses the service, specifies the location request, and confirms the service request within a few seconds. Now, within a few minutes, the tow truck driver arrives, tows the car to the nearest fuel station, and then the car owner later drives himself to the preferred destination.

The lesson learned from this imagined scenario is that the towing company business plan to build an on-demand towing app is successful compared to the traditional tow trucking service since the app leverages more convenience that traditional services don’t offer. Moreover, with an on-demand tow truck mobile app, anyone could avail of services within a few taps. But,

Will Towing App Development Help Business to Grow In 2020?

Yes, absolutely! The below graph clearly shows the gradual rise of automobile towing in the USA and is expected to reach the market size of $8500 by 2024. The mobile app has not only simplified the process but also open the opportunity doors for entrepreneurs.

Automobile Towing in US Market Size 2010-2024

What Features Need to Be Considered Before Building On-Demand Roadside Assistance?

Below are some of the features that need to be considered before building 0n-demand roadside assistance:

  1. Geolocation:

Geolocation is used to track the delivery of for finding the location. Depending on the platform, geolocation can be implemented on Google Map API or core location framework for iOS devices.

  1. Notifications

It informs users about the completed request, order status, payments, and so on. Push notification is one of the most convenient ways to remind and update users. You can implement push notifications with Google Cloud Messaging (Android) or Apple Push Notification (iOS). 

  1. Payments. 

Since on-demand apps rely heavily on security, payment methods are selected based on the customer’s location and preference. You can even keep cash and card options as per your service specifics.

  1. Feedback system

It helps customer evaluate their experience with a particular company in the form of reviews and ratings.

  1. Help & support

This feature assists the customer to solve their queries. It enhances customer service and works as a great tool to boost the company’s reputation.

Let’s have a glance over some advanced features of towing app like Direct towing

  1. Advanced tracking ability

The customers/users can manage the dual location of the tow truck owners simultaneously.

  1. Multilingual system:

Deploying apps in multiple languages can boost the user base and allow users to operate the app as per their language preference.

  1. In-app phone and message

What if users aren’t able to reach the company or have some queries? In such a case, allowing text messages or call from the app helps users instantly answer their questions.

  1. Service provider management

As with customers, the admin keeps an eye over the service providers too. They check their performance, reviews, and ratings and motivate them to work better with bonuses and incentives.

  1. Analytics & Reporting

The detailed report shows how many requests are accepted, rejected, repeated, or cancelled. It helps in developing new business ideas and avoid major pitfalls, if any.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Roadside Assistance App Like Direct Towing?

To make a robust on-demand tow truck mobile app like Direct Towing, you need to hire a skilled and professional on-demand mobile app developer who excels in building a roadside assistance app.

To estimate the cost to develop a roadside assistance app like direct towing, you need to consider multiple aspects as below:

  • Type of mobile app (social media, lifestyle, enterprise app etc.)
  • Development platform i.e., Android, iOS, or Windows.
  • App development design like custom, fundamental and individual.
  • Mobile app size
  • Development infrastructure
  • Development team

If you’re looking forward to building a roadside assistance app like Direct Towing, the average simple app with minimum features may cost around $10,000- $15,000 for native app development. The average turn-around time can be somewhere between 30-45 days. The time may increase or decrease as per the app complexity.

Wrapping up

Well, kickstarting your roadside assistance business within your territory requires in-depth market research and planning. On the contrary, it just needs an on-demand roadside assistance app like Direct towing to shift business online and earn more rewards for the existing business. Whatever the business may be, the on-demand concept is successful and helps stranded vehicle owners get assistance within a few taps.

What are your thoughts for the same? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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