Things to keep in mind while dry cleaning rugs

It's a woven piece of fabric which is heavy and sometimes embroidered and is used to cover certain parts of the floor and for decorating the houses.

It's a woven piece of fabric which is heavy and sometimes embroidered and is used to cover certain parts of the floor and for decorating the houses. It is fundamentally used for accessorizing. It can figuratively hold down a piece of furniture and make it less likely to move or drift off or slide as other furniture that stands on the bare floor.

 Rugs are one of the essential accessories in homes because it provides you protection from hard floors and to keep your feet from direct cold off the floor beneath it. But to clean a rug isn't an easy task, there's no room for silly mistakes even when it comes to cleaning a rug as it can either make your rug as if new or ruin it for you.

So, there are the following things you need to keep in mind while cleaning a rug:

Checking for rubbles:

Taking out the rug before actually cleaning it and shaking off all the rubbles and debris helps you a lot before deep cleaning of the rug. Shaking it properly will remove the tiny pieces of food, dust, and loose dirt that has been settling inside the fabric of the rug. After shaking well, vacuuming will remove any excess crud. 

Looking for colorfastness: Testing for colorfastness is a must; it doesn't matter if you're using natural cleaners or store-bought formulas; some cleaning ingredients are found to discolor certain fabrics. Apply a little amount on a corner first of the rug, to test a cleaning solution.

Dealing with stains: In area rugs, you generally tend to see a lot of stains. It happens because of many reasons. Select any stain removal product as per your requirements and put it on the material of the rug and the type of stain. No matter the type of stain, there are few necessary steps with which you can remove the stain. Rinse with water after blotting the stain from the outside, working inwards. Repeat the steps if required. 

Cleaning the rug based on its material: If you have pets or young children, rugs should be deep cleaned at least once a year or more. Determining the best course of rug cleaning based on the material is essential as it saves you a lot of time and helps you maintain the rug. By using minimal water and gentle cleaner wash rugs that are made of sisal and just.

Sufficient drying: you need to be assured that your rugs are sufficiently dried. You need to squeeze out the excess water very gently after washing. To dry the rug correctly, lay it out flat and then turn it over once it is dry on one side. A fan could come in handy for fastening the process, or you could also dry it out under the sun. Leaving the rug wet for a long time may increase the risk of growth of Mildew and Mold.

Loosen the compacted rug: Over time, the fibers can get flattened and compacted while walking on an area rug. This problem can be solved by using a brush with soft-bristle gently on the fiber or a vacuum attachment. Making strokes upward on the fiber with the brush generally helps in giving the rug a new and fluffy look.

Hire professionals: In case you got ground-in dirt or set-in stain on your rug, you must consider seeking the help of some professionals. Seeking the advice of professionals might help you in getting rid of the stain and make the appearance of your home better and keep it maintained. Also, it helps in extending the life of your rug.

Clean the rug according to its size: the rug cleaning largely depends on the size. If the rug is large, then you need to get it vacuumed to get rid of all the dirt, and it must be done after a few weeks. 

Consult care labels before cleaning: before getting your rugs cleaned, try consulting the care label to check if you can get it dry-cleaned, laundered, etc. Cleaning the rugs which are labeled dry-cleaning only must be tested beforehand. In case the rug is washable, try washing it in a delicate cycle while using a machine. 

Using a stain removal guide: using a stain removal guide is very necessary in case you have stained your rug. You should blot the stain very carefully rather than rubbing it. Try to remove the moisture from the stain as fast as possible. For example, liquids such as tea, coffee, drinks, etc. will only need a teaspoon of detergent, white vinegar, and lukewarm water. Applying it on the rug will remove the stain at once, giving you a new look. Again, stains that are fat-based needs to be cleaned using a dry solvent and a spot carpet cleaner. Also, in case it is a gum, you can put an ice cube to harden the gum, then you can peel it off.

Care for natural fiber's rug: Natural fiber's rug has an opening weave as it allows dirt to go through it. For rugs like that, rugs should be removed occasionally, and the dirt should be cleaned beneath the rug. And mostly these rugs are reversible. So, it is essential to flip the rugs from time to time while cleaning it each time to ensure cleaning evenly. Protect the floor with towels or clothes if the rug is stained. The stain can be scrubbed with a soft-bristled brush soaked in water and cleaning products. Put a towel on the wet area after cleaning it, rinsing it thoroughly. Then dry clean the area, or you can also put the rug out in the sun for a while. Since water weakens the fiber, it is advisable to dry the rug thoroughly and immediately.

These are common things that you need to keep in mind when you are purchasing rugs for your house. Also, make sure that you maintain these rugs for a longer period of time to keep your flooring safe and secure from getting damaged.

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