Things You Should Know Before Buying A Garden Pipe

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Garden Pipe

When picking a new garden hose, there are a lot of things to consider. You can take a trip to your local hardware store or visit a store online and you will find hundreds of garden hoses of every length and type. A few things to consider is what will be the size of your yard? how will you use the watering hose?  Where will the hose be stored and what is your budget? Before you just pick the cheapest hose on the shelf, take some measurements and think about how and where you will be using the garden hose. Here are a few things to consider.

  • The hose length

A typical garden hose comes in a variety of lengths, from 25 to 100-foot lengths. To determine what length you need, measure the distance from your water source to where you will position the hose, larger yards may need 50 feet to reach the furthest corners. If you want to go past 50 feet consider, buying a 50-foot and a 25-foot or two 50-foot hoses if the pipe is too heavy to carry it around. You can always connect both the pipes when you need to watch the garden and keep it in for storage.

  • Consider why you need your PVC garden pipe

Why do you need a garden hose? Do you need it only for gardening or is there construction work too? Premium quality PVC pipes can be used for both purposes. However, if you will be using some additional accessories depending on your purpose then each hose will go with a specific set of pipes and attachments. Light-duty pipes with high-impact attachments are a waste, you need to consider the pipe as well as the attachments.

  • Material and budget

With all garden hoses on the shelf, picking the one that suits your needs is complicated, and if you see something on offer or something on sale, you might be tempted to go ahead and buy it. Unfortunately, not all garden hoses are created equal and each one comes with its own purpose. Always check the pipe quality and buy from well-known brands.

  • Flexibility and strength

Garden hoses need to be flexible, yet strong. Too much flexibility and it will result in constant kinks, before you pick a garden hose, try to see if it can bend into a U-shape without kinking, if yes then it’s a good hose. If no then it’s a poor-quality hose and may burst with added pressure. The burst pressure should be listed on the packaging and also check the manual and ask the supplier for a recommended burst pressure of your garden pipes.

  • Fittings and accessories

The couplings and fittings are normally attached to the nozzle or second hose and most people pick solid brass fittings. They are the most leak-proof and unlike plastic don’t break and leak, ensure that your fittings have a rubber washer inside them. If you are not able to find one online, it is advised to check in stores until you find something you like. Your supplier or local store expert may be able to help you find something you like.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re washing the car, setting up a pool, or watering the garden, a hose comes in handy for a lot of things and makes tasks easy and fun. Selecting the correct hose for your needs can save you on time and money as well as effort and will be more durable and last longer which means you won’t need to make added trips back to the hardware store. Always do a little research and ensure that you find the garden hose which meets your needs.

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