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Three Ways to Report Your B2B SaaS Marketing Progress

When you want to analyze your marketing progress, you need to make a report. Creating a proper report is the only way to analyze and evaluate the progress of your marketing strategy. Additionally, it can also help you in coming up with business plans for achieving short and long term goals.

Truth is, this is an important part of your SaaS digital marketing strategy. However, it is also something which is wrongly done by the majority of SaaS companies.

For the purpose of helping small and large scale companies, we have highlighted some effective ways to report and easily evaluate B2B SaaS marketing progress.

The 3 Important Factors When Creating B2B SaaS Marketing Reports

Make Use of B2B SaaS Marketing OKRs

You can use the OKRs or Objectives and Key Results to get actionable information on your marketing results. This is sure to work if you know how frequent you should be using your marketing report.

If you have set the objectives correctly, then you will set yourself up to get the appropriate key results. You will mostly get the key results in either quarterly target vs calculated or absolute numbers.

These outcomes are workable and are relatable to the current state of your marketing efforts. This way is sure to provide leading indicators.

However, If your key to calculating the long-term success and the ROI of the company is either the revenue generated from marketing activities, or the results from sales meetings,it will not help you in analyzing your present-day marketing activities.

In this case, you will have to assess the meetings that took place and how many sales qualified leads were generated.

Current State vs Historical Performance - They are not the same

Most of the marketing reports that are assessed these days only show the current state of your business. But this surely does not tell you how your business has been in the previous months. This is where you need Historical Performance. The current state on the other hand will tell you where you stand now.

Acquiring and then analyzing the previous records and comparing with current statistics is important to get the results that you need to bring your business forward.

To get appropriate reportinh of the historical performance you would have to keep a regular record of the data, and store it to analyze later. The current state of your business will make you aware of your position and with the historical performance you can keep a track of what has happened over the months.

Make the Report Clear 

It is extremely important that you make your report clear.

If your report is clear and simple, anyone will be able to analyze it. You need to create and organize a spreadsheet or another SaaS reporting tool. PowerPoint is not helpful in this situation. You also need to use informative and useful KPIs. Measure each specific KPIs to analyze the performance of your business.

The right KPIs will help you assess whether you are progressing or not. Also, the right KPI will act as a compass for your business and help you in navigating through challenges without any trouble.

For a better KPI report, you can include the source of the KPI numbers. You will also need to put in specific numbers and not percentages. This will help you calculate the numbers easily.

These three ways can also be used to report the B2B Facebook marketing strategy. These ways are sure to be effective and help you create a report that is easy to analyze and report.

Remember to make a report of past performance as well as current day operations.

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