Tiger at Corbett National Park

Tiger safari India: Corbett National Park

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Corbett Tiger Reserve, India’s first declared Tiger Reserve is also located here – about 250 km or 6 hour drive away from New Delhi. Nearest airport is Dehradun, 150 km or a 04 hour drive away.

It is the Land of the Trumpet and Roar, with around 600 elephants and over 100 tigers in the wild in this landscape. The foothills of the Himalayas, the Terai plans and the big rivers which are protected by this reserve are a reason for the massive biodiversity in these areas.

Around 600 species of birds are found here(almost half of the species occurring in the Indian subcontinent). Dominated by Sal forests, riverine forests, plains of the Terai as well as foothills – Corbett is a treat to the eye. Especially the massive grasslands of Dhikala – it is a throwback to how beautiful the land which Jim Corbett walked during his “shikaar” exploits was. One feels as if they are bang in the middle of the Ngorongoro Crater in Africa here at Dhikala, scores of elephants make these grasslands their home. Yet, it is only a small part of what was once a larger network of forests and plains surviving due to the wildlife laws.


Luxury Forest rest houses

Like most National Parks, this park has neighbouring luxury lodgings. But one standout feature is the Forest Rest Houses that are located within every Zone. Here are seven of the coolest forest lodges that you should consider staying in when booking a Tiger safari tour Packages  of the Corbett National Park. 

  • Bijrani Forest Rest House: Situated within the park’s most prominent safari zone, the Bijrani Forest Rest House was once a shooting block during British India. 
  • Malani Forest Rest House: Another lodging considered ideal for daily game drives, the Malani Forest Rest House also offers a quieter and more secluded feel for guests looking to sink into the lap of nature.
  • Sultan Forest Rest House: Another classy yet comfortable spot to call it a day. The Sultan Forest Rest House is an ideal pick for small families and couples. 
  • Gairal Forest House: The romantic guest house amongst the lot for its strategically placed location – by the Ramganga river. The Gairal Forest House can double for a honeymoon lodging, in the wild. 
  • Sarapduli Forest House: Another strategically placed guest house, this time for animal lovers. Those who stay in the Sarapduli Forest House will get a super close view of jungle life. 
  • Khinnanauli Forest House: Pick the Khinnanauli Forest House if you wish to get as close as possible to tiger territory.
  • Dhikala Forest House: This is the oldest and most prestigious forest house in the park. It offers a premium living experience with some of the park’s finest vistas in close view.

Zones of Jim Corbett National Park

Owing to the massive stretch of land that surrounds the Jim Corbett National Park, 5 zones have been set up to make navigation easier and allow for unique experiences based on what is found around the premises. 


  • Bijrani Zone: Considered to be the most popular zone in the park, it is here where a vast majority of wildlife sightings take place. The desert-like ambience is complemented by tall Sal trees and numerous streams and waterbodies.  


  • Dhikala Zone: Shutterbugs will love this zone for its picturesque setting and abundance of avifauna. The zone’s long stretch of land allows for a more detailed safari tour, albeit only on a canter. 


  • Jhirna Zone: A true nature enthusiast will love this zone simply for its biodiversity. It is home to another fearful species – the wild Himalayan bear. Jhirna is also favoured by tigers as a hunting ground, so there is a big chance for spotting a tiger in action, as the zone is open throughout the year. 


  • Dhela Zone: This zone is a botanist’s delight! With so much flora on display, it will take you more than a moment to let the beauty sink in. The widespread landscape makes the area very explorer-friendly, allowing for bicycle safaris to take place.


  • Durga Devi Zone: The last, deepest lying zone of the park is one that makes for an adrenaline-pumping adventure. The area is untamed by man, almost entirely, giving it a truly wild and wondrous appeal. It is also the zone that plays host to aquatic wildlife.
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