BRANDING INHOUSE. When you are branding in-house, it is essential to pay due attention to internal branding.

These days, you must have noticed that a number of brands are turning in-house. What does this really mean? To simply define this complex term, one must know that branding can be done in two ways. In-housing a brand basically means taking control of the production, marketing and media. Usually companies “outsource” their brands, i.e. they let someone else manufacture their products in their name. But in-housing means you manufacture the products under your own supervision; take care of the process/technology used in manufacturing, influence marketing strategy and media.

In housing, the brand has its own advantages and limitations. Through this article, you can learn how to improve in-house branding:

1. Select an appropriate price range: The biggest obstacle to the development of in-house branding is the poor selection of price range. Keeping it too high means the consumers might not buy your product and keeping it too low means you are letting go of the profit or margin unreasonably. So, select a price range that is neither too high nor too low.

2. Pay heed to the Product Packaging & Quality: Now that the manufacturing is under your control, you must keep a regular check on the quality and packaging of the products you are going to deliver. While branding in-house, most people forget why they turned to in-housing and don’t keep a consistent check on their services. You can easily rectify the mistakes during the process of manufacturing.

3. Strengthen Internal Branding: When you are branding in-house, it is essential to pay due attention to internal branding. Internal branding refers to how well the employees of your company connect to the brand. It determines how committed the employee is to deliver the brand message. Ultimately, the staff is going to deal with the customers. It is very significant that they know what value your brand holds. They must be inspired to further give out the same message to the clients.

4. Use Videos and Moving Pictures to Advertise: Every brand turns to in-housing to increase its engagement through various channels (such as TV commercials, e-books, YouTube videos, blogs and so on). Nowadays, Product Video making technique is being used extensively for advertisement purposes. Showing just an image of your product is not sufficient in this era of advanced technology. In Product Video making, a high-quality video of the product is made and then featured in the market. To increase the impact, a famous celebrity or a vlogger can be shown using your product. This technique is very potent in boosting in-house branding because:

  • It can incorporate a huge, dynamic audience.
  • How you showcase your product (or service) is largely in your hands.

5. Recruit new talents and restructure your strategy: In-housing a brand is not as easy it looks. Thus, restructure your brand strategy (including your values and principles) if required. Look out if your production team or marketing team lacks talented people. Hire new people who are more versatile and determined. If your brand is not doing well, consider choosing a new way of marketing, advertising & promoting. Sometimes, even completely changing your vision according to the wants of the consumers might help. Keep a track of what is being sold in the market and execute your plans accordingly. Align your brand strategy to meet the needs of the consumers.

6. Listen to the Expert Opinion: Ask for expertise if you must. Managing everything alone can be an uphill task so there is no harm in seeking support from the experts in this field. They can help you turn your dreams into reality.



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