Tips For Using Wrist Wraps For Preventing Injury

Wrist wraps are commonly wraped around wrist for preventing injuries of joints and strengthening the joint for better performance in athletics.

A majority of people in this present world have found out a lot of ways to keep themselves fit and healthy. For this reason, they have invented many such practices that can help them in maintaining their physical and mental health. Boxing and weightlifting are well known amongst such practices.

Carrying out practice is only beneficial if done in the right way. No matter how long you have you be practicing it, if you are not doing it the right way, it would not help you at all. For helping people carry out these movements appropriately and easily, several accessories have been invented, which makes it easier for people to practice these techniques. You can get this equipment from AQF Sports or any other online stores.

Wrist wraps are also well known amongst such accessories as they provide extra support to the wrist joint while carrying out heavy lifts as well as overhead lifts. Today we will be discussing tips for using wrist wraps in order to avoid any injury or damage.

Never wear wrist wraps during warm-up sessions

Wrist wraps are not to be used while carrying out slight movements of the arms, or while lifting light weights, they are only recommended for sharp moves. That is the reason behind not using wrist wraps during the warm-up time because you do not have to make sharp arm movements, nor do you have to lift heavy weights. As for a piece of advice, wrist wraps should only be worn while lifting maximum or heavy loads for training and not for lifting light objects.

If you keep your wrist wraps on for the whole day, eventually, with the passing days, your wrists will get used to it. This will make you feel uneasy if anytime you take off your wrist wrap. Moreover, wearing wrist wraps for a lot of time will make your wrists dependent on them and will also stop your normal functioning. In addition to this, wearing wrist wraps for too long will affect both the strength and growth of both your extensors and flexors.

If you have ever observed experts and professionals, you might have observed that they do not wear wrist wraps all the time. Rather they only wear them occasionally and that also for little time. As better advice, it is recommended to use flexible wrist wraps if you want to wear them for a longer time.

Make sure that you do not tie your wrist wraps too low

Another great point that must be kept in your mind while using a wrist wrap is that it must not be tied too low. Wrist wraps are made in order to give extra support to the wrist joint and protect it from injury or damage while carrying out training. Tying them too low won't cause you any advantage and protection. Rather it would just seem as a forearm bracelet adding glory to your forearm.

Always make sure that the wrist wrap you are wrapping around your wrists should properly cover your wrist joint in order to avoid any unwanted extension of the wrist. If the wrist wrap is not properly tied, the wrists will not get enough support to prevent any dislocation or false movement.

A good rule to follow while wearing a wrist wrap is to place the top of the wrap opposite to the base of your hand. This ensures that the wrist wrap is completely covering the area of your carpal bones in order to provide complete support to the wrists.

Is the wrist wrap you using right for you?

Two main kinds of wrist wraps are available in the market, which includes the strength wraps and the powerlifting wraps. Strength wraps are made up of cotton and are quite thin. These types of wraps provide more flexibility and elasticity to move wrists easily. Opposite to this is the powerlifting wrist wraps that are thick in size. In addition to this, these kinds of wrist wraps provide much better support to the wrists.

Powerlifting wrist wraps are recommended to be used during a bench press or shoulder press. For carrying out jerks and snatches, thinner wrist wraps are good to use because they allow comparatively more room for movement. Ultimately you become able to move your wrist easily and extend it a little bit too.

To wrap it up!

There is no doubt that wrist wraps are made to provide added protection and support to our wrists. But one thing that must be kept in mind is that wearing these wraps for too long can prove harmful for your wrists other than being beneficial. So it is advised to use them only as per the expert's recommendation in order to gain the real benefits.

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