Tips To Become A Professional Wiki Page Creator

In recent years the skyrocketing demand for wiki pages has become a gravitational force

In recent years the skyrocketing demand for wiki pages has become a gravitational force for new and fresh professionals who are trying to make a career in the wiki page creation industry. Undoubtedly, the demand for wiki pages has been on the rise since many years now and most brands are looking for professional wiki page creators to help them create wiki pages but it has also increased the number of rejected wiki pages to increase as well.

The writing and creating of a wiki page is something that requires a certain amount of experience and a lot of practice. Becoming a professional Wikipedia page maker is something that needs a person to not only be persistent but it also requires one to learn different tactics that will allow them to create flawless wiki pages. Getting the approval of a wiki page by the virtual platform is not something easy in fact many experienced wiki writers can also fail to get the approval of their wiki pages if they don’t follow the right way of writing.

Writing for a wiki page requires one to follow certain guidelines; there are also other fool proof tips that can also help make the page creation process faster and easier for beginners.

Notability: One of the most important aspects of a wiki page is to make sure that the title of your wiki page is notable enough by the stands of notability of the platform. This is one of the most crucial aspects of creating a wiki page and not taking care of the notability criteria of the platform can and has, on many occasions, result in the rejection of your wiki pages.

Stay Neutral: The tone of your content must be neutral and should not give the impression of biasness in any way. Your content must be free of opinions, promotions and inclination towards any specific theory.


When I first decided to create a Wikipedia page for my client’s technology, I had no idea what I was in for. I had made simple updates to existing pages, so how hard could it be to create a new Wikipedia page?

Hahahahaha. I’m here to tell you it was incredibly difficult. Writing for Wikipedia is akin to writing a college term paper — you can’t get by with just creating easy, breezy marketing copy for this type of project.

But, the effort was worth it. My client’s industry-changing technology — which their founder invented — is now an official part of Wikipedia. The Wikipedia page tells the story of the technology and includes photos of my client’s product. Most importantly, the page generates traffic to my client’s site.


The steps outlined below provide a brief overview of the Wikipedia page creation process. You’ll find much more detailed information on Wikipedia’s Help pages as well in the articles and guides mentioned below.

You must be a registered user to make changes to existing Wikipedia pages and articles, as well as to create your own. Creating an account is pretty straightforward. I advise using your real name and email address.


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