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Tips to choose and use the curtains effectively

Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, as the material will determine how well the curtains are functioning and how well they will hold up over time.

Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, as the material will determine how well the curtains are functioning and how well they will hold up over time.

And note that over time, sunlight can fade fabrics. If the space in-home or office is getting a lot of light, avoiding bright colours is wise, because they appear to fade faster. Various headings on the curtain establish distinctive looks. A pencil pleat is the most common style but a pinched pleat works well for a more detailed formal finish. Instead, try a cottage pleat or tie-tops for an informal effect.

Wisely select fabrics – cotton and linen are of good quality and fit the majority of rooms. Heavyweight velvets, such as bedrooms or living areas, have an opulent look and match period homes and certain spaces. Evite the use of silk in humid conditions because it can rot.

When choosing a patterned fabric, make sure that the curtains are both open and closed will look good. Also bear in mind that strong colours, particularly in a bright south-facing space, will fade in the sun.

The use of stylish tie-backs to match and add a pelmet can give your windows a more traditional look. Also calculate the amount of material needed for curtains with care, using a measure of steel tape. Allow enough fabric to overlap slightly when closed and be the right length for your scheme-curtains that sit in line with the floor may look more modern and tidy, but you may prefer a longer, 'pooled' effect.


Curtains with the right color and designs add a perfect touch of elegance to any room. By exuding warmth and shade, curtains give a soft touch to transform any space to a personal comfort zone.

By blending creativity with quality, Al Kilani's curtain collections offer unique styles with all types of fabrics such as velvet, lace, linen, cotton silk and more


Al Kilani is one of UAE's leading wholesaler for quality home fabrics.

With a stunning collection of curtains and upholstery crafted with intricate details and unprecedented quality, Al Kilani fabrics guarantee a complete makeover for spaces. Ranging from classic designs with subtle palettes to modern prints with bold colors, Al Kilani fabrics offers unique styles specially designed to suit every setting.

Al Kilani houses an extensive range of home furnishing fabrics ideal for curtains and upholstery along with a variety of curtain accessories. To redefine excellence in interiors by offering high quality home fabrics at competitive prices to customers all over the world.To be recognized as a premium brand in home furnishing fabrics and become a strategic partner for customers worldwide. 


Detailed designs, elegant patterns completed with top finish is what makes Al Kilani the best choice for curtains and upholstery.

From elegant fabrics for your personal haven, regal fabrics for a royal home to classy patterns for corporate spaces, Al Kilani offers distinctive styles to suit every refined taste.

Choose a curtain rod, clip or tracking system that fits your home or office style. Check out  the best wholesale fashion designer fabric in UAE.


Curtains matched with the right combination of upholstery fabrics can enhance the entire look and feel of any room.

Al Kilani's upholstery collection houses different types of fabric textures paired with a combination of patterns, embroideries, and prints to create authentic and timeless pieces that reflect your style.

Refresh your personal space with our extensive collection of roller blinds and rails.
Modern designs with classic touches, Al Kilani's roller blinds offer contemporary comfort with style that perfectly blends with your interiors. 

Al Kilani also takes pride in their customer friendly services. With catalog deliveries and a shipping time of 24 hours worldwide, Al Kilani offers a global presence, with customers all over the world.

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