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Tips to Safely Relocate Your Home Gym Equipment

If you’d like more advice about moving your home gym to your new home, or want the help of packers and movers in Hyderabad, please contact us.

When you are moving house, often one of the biggest challenges you can face is moving your home gym. Obviously, you need to get your gym equipment to your new home safely, and it’s advisable to use professional and the best packers and movers whose staff are very experienced in moving gym equipment. However, it’s possible to start moving your home gym equipment yourself, if you’re up for a serious workout!

Here are the main tips you should use to get your gym equipment safely into our moving truck or container.

When Your Start - The first thing you need to do is clean all your gym equipment thoroughly before you start disassembling or packing anything. By cleaning and sanitizing each piece of equipment, you’ll make sure any virus or bacteria that are built upon your equipment over time doesn’t move to your new home with you.

Moving fitness items that are small in size - It’s advisable to move smaller items first, as this will create more space for the larger items to be moved later. Equipment such as hand weights, weight plates, medicine balls, and yoga mats can be packed in boxes. Each individual item should be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper to protect it, and any space left in the box can be filled with towels. 

It’s really important here not to overpack the boxes – remember, weights are heavy, and if a box broke it could injure you or whoever is carrying it. Use more small boxes rather than fewer large ones. This way, each box will contain less weight, so it’ll be less likely to break.

Moving huge equipment - Moving large gym equipment is tricky, and it’s important to be done the right way to protect you from injury and prevent these expensive items from getting damaged. Ideally, you should leave this job to house shifting or packers and movers, as they do know the correct way to lift heavy, bulky items and they also have a full range of tools for the job.

Exercise Cycle- The exercise cycles are probably the most popular home gym machines, and they’re also one of the easiest to move.

If your cycle is electric, unplug it and attach the power cord securely to the cycle with packing tape. If you have to lift the cycle downstairs, this should be done by two people. Exercise cycles aren’t particularly heavy, but they’re very awkward, and it’s so important to protect yourself from any injury. 

Treadmill - The treadmill is great for cardio, but it’s extremely heavy and difficult to move. It’s important not to underestimate this job.

Firstly, make sure your treadmill is unplugged. Then, if it folds, which most do, fold it and make sure it’s locked in the upright position. If you have a treadmill that doesn’t fold, you’ll need to refer to the instruction manual to find out how to disassemble it.

Once your treadmill is folded or disassembled, wrap it in moving blankets and secure it with packing tape. Then make sure there are two people to lift it onto a trolley. You can then wheel it out to the moving truck, where you’ll need at least two people to lift it in.

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If you’d like more advice about moving your home gym to your new home, or want the help of packers and movers in Hyderabad, please contact us. 

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