WordPress Security Tips

Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

How to protect your WordPress website? Here are the best WordPress website security tips that we found.

We put a lot of hard work and finance into the making of a website on WordPress. Ensuring its security should be our primary concern. So, to aid you in the same, there are some WordPress website development and security tips. If you follow to keep them in mind, your website can remain safe. 

Here are the best tips that we found:

1. Make sure that your website hosting is safe. 

Work only with high quality, safe, and reliable hosting. In general, the more expensive your host is, the more concerned they will be for your website security as well. Make sure that you focus more on those hosts who promise a more secure hosting rather than with more discounts. 

2. Protect the wp-config.php file

The wp config.php file usually has essential information about your website installation on WordPress. It is also one of the most critical data on your website’s root directory. Thus you must hire dedicated WordPress developers from a WordPress website development company. They will ensure that this file becomes inaccessible to others.

3. Assure that your directory permissions are set carefully

If you set fatal directory permissions, the results can be harmful, especially if you share the hosting with someone else. Make sure that you change your directory permissions and secure the hosting level of the website. You can get in touch with a WordPress website development company to get help with that.

4. Don’t allow any hotlinking.

Hotlinking allows another person to steal your photo and show it on their website. This may result in lower loading speed, and also the server cost of your site may increase. Thus, hire dedicated WordPress developers to ensure that they use some manual techniques to prevent hotlinking.

5. Add two-factor authentication for security.

Hire dedicated WordPress developers for your WordPress website development and ensure a two-factor authentication as well. You can set a regular id password to log in. Along with that tag along with a secret question. You can also use a set of characters, a passcode, or anything that you decide. You can also use the Google authenticator app for the same.

6. Make use of a password manager.

Use password managers to ensure the security of your website. Get in touch with a WordPress website development company. They will help you with the password manager software. It will not only change your password in every short interval but also store this password for you in a vault. The vault will only be accessible by you. 

7. Try to protect the wp-admin directory.

The wp-admin is considered to be the heart of the websites on WordPress. Thus it is very much vital that you secure it the best. Make sure that you protect the wp-admin directory by using password-protected security. 

These are some of the essential tips to secure your website on WordPress. Make sure you hire dedicated WordPress developers from a WordPress web development company. They will make your website safe as much as you can!

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