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Tips & Tricks to Import EML Files to Thunderbird

Learn how to upload EML files to Thunderbird application using the best EML to Thunderbird Importer Tool.

Looking for a trick to import EML to Thunderbird? Don’t wander anywhere just stay at this blog post. Here, we have explained a detailed method regarding how to accomplish the conversion of EML files to Mozilla Thunderbird.

I have a folder that comprises around 1000+ EML files of Windows Live Mail. Now, I need to do EML to Thunderbird import and for that I made a sub-folder in Thunderbird archived email items. I selected each file in Windows Explorer and drag and dropped into this folder. Though Thunderbird displays the icon with no. of .EML files but it stops after few seconds. It is a halt situation for me and I have tried many times to solve this problem but the situation still persists. How can I bulk import EML files to Thunderbird at once in a proper manner?

EML file format is a single email message which is supported by plenty of email client applications. But when it comes to convert EML to Thunderbird directly, then users face issues.

There are two approaches to deal with this problem: Manually or with Automated Method

It must be noted that the manual solution for EML to Thunderbird Import process comprises two things-

1) Drag and drop EML files in Mozilla Thunderbird

2) Utilize Import/Export Add-in Tool to open EML files in Thunderbird

These approaches are though free of cost but we would like to tell you that these solutions don’t give 100% assurance of data integrity. Moreover, there are many other drawbacks also with these methods such as the drag and drop method fails when the number of EML files are large in number and you want to batch import EML to Thunderbird. This will need the user’s heroic patience for the whole processing to take place. Also, sometimes it hangs the computer system and chances of data loss issue exist there.

So, the question arises what’s the next alternative for EML to Thunderbird import?

A proper answer to this question is automated EML to Thunderbird import tool.

Let’s study this approach in detail in the next section of the blog.

Automated Approach to Accomplish EML to Thunderbird Import Process

Regarding the implementation of importing EML files into Thunderbird, we suggest you to try the EML Converter Software. It beats all of the shortcomings of the manual approaches and gives total precision. This application can seamlessly convert EML to Thunderbird directly without any file limitations.

What’s more?

Well, this product has vast compatibility with all versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server versions, etc.

Now, coming back to the question, how can you import EML to Thunderbird with this software?

Some Top-notch Features of EML to Thunderbird Converter

  1. You can bulk import EML to Thunderbird with the ‘Select Folder; feature.
  2. Supports all sort of EML files taken from EML supportable email clients.
  3. You can save the resultant data at any specific location of your choice.
  4. It’s a rapid and hassle-free EML to Thunderbird import process.
  5. The software automatically convert EML to Thunderbird along with attachments.
  6. Users have the option to exclude unwanted EML files which are not necessary for the processing.

How to Import EML Files to Thunderbird ?

Read the steps mentioned below to import data from EML to Thunderbird:

  • First of all, download and launch the software on your computer.
  • Next, from the dual file selection options, just choose any number of EML files that you intend to import in Mozilla Thunderbird.

choose eml files

  • Then, check or enable the desired email folders which you want to open in Thunderbird.

enable eml folders

  • After this, in the saving options list, scroll down and choose ‘Thunderbird’.

  • Click on the Next button and the EML to Thunderbird import software will automatically start the conversion.

This process will take few seconds to get completed and then you will get a ‘Conversion Completed message’ on your screen.

So, now you can open EML files in Thunderbird without any hassle.

Final Note

If you wish to implement a fast and safe conversion of EML files to Thunderbird, then we would like to suggest the software that we have described in this write-up. This software solution offers 100% error-free results. Plus, if you are a novice or you simply want to test the software’s features then please try the demo version of the tool. It is free of cost and allows to do a few conversions of EML files to Thunderbird. Later, you can upgrade the license keys for unlimited import of data from EML to Thunderbird.

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