Almonds are one of the most loved nuts (or you can also refer to them as seeds). They are scrumptious and are popular across the world. Moreover, the health benefits of almonds are innumerable.

Almonds are one of the most loved nuts (or you can also refer to them as seeds). They are scrumptious and are popular across the world. Moreover, the health benefits of almonds are innumerable.

Almond trees were indigenous to India, the Northern part of Africa, and the Middle East. However, as trade flourished among countries and across continents, the almonds spread. Now we can see that around 80% of the world’s production of almonds comes from California, USA.

Almonds are highly beneficial for one’s health as they are brimming with nutrients, waiting for you to eat them. Although there are several other nuts that people love to eat, no other nut’s benefits can match almonds’ benefits.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to throw light on some of the almonds’ innumerable benefits. We sincerely hope that this will make you want to add a handful of almonds to your diet every day.

The benefits of almonds are listed below:

1. Brimming with nutrients:

Given below is the list of nutrients contained be almonds in every 100 grams of almond (according to USDA):

○ Calories: 579

○ Total carbohydrates: 21.55 grams

■ Sugar: 4.35 grams

■ Fiber: 12.50 grams

○ Total fat: 49.93 grams

○ Cholesterol: 0 milligrams 

○ Sodium: 1 milligram

○ Protein: 21.15 grams

○ Iron: 3.71 milligrams

○ Calcium: 269 milligrams

○ Magnesium: 270 milligrams

○ Potassium: 733 milligrams

○ Phosphorus: 481 milligrams

○ Vitamin E: 25.63 milligrams

○ Copper

○ Vitamin B2

○ Manganese

○ Phytic acid

2. It is high in vitamin E:

The benefits of vitamin E are:

○ It is a powerful antioxidant.

○ Antioxidants aid in protecting your body’s cells from being damaged by poor diet, environmental pollutants, smoking, etc.

○ The higher the intake of vitamin E is, the lower are the risks of getting cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cognitive decline.

○ Mainly, it reduces the risk of colon cancer and prostate cancer.

3. Reduces the risk of cancer:

One of the almonds’ most essential benefits is that cancer (especially breast cancer) is highly reduced if a person eats almonds regularly.

4. Lowers blood pressure:

The magnesium present in almonds is supposed to lower blood pressure as it allows more blood flow in arteries. This, in turn, also saves people eating almonds from heart strokes and heart attacks.

5. Increases the rate of insulin sensitivity:

Besides lowering the blood pressure, magnesium also controls the blood sugar level, and therefore, helps thwart the risks of getting type 2 diabetes. Moreover, it also helps in increasing insulin sensitivity. This makes almonds beneficial for diabetic patients also.

6. Insignificant net carbs:

As mentioned above, fiber composes the bulk of total carbohydrates. This is beneficial for your health as fiber is good for your health. Also, sugar is present in very minimal quantities. This is also good for retaining your weight. Moreover, if you are on a keto diet (low carb diet), you should consider eating almonds. Therefore, we can term almonds as keto-friendly.

7. Fiber-filled nut:

As has been referred to above, yet another benefit of almonds is that they are filled with fiber. The benefits of wool are mentioned below:

○ It exercises your digestive system as it is hard to digest the fiber.

○ Since it is hard to digest the fiber, it becomes a time consuming process and allows you to feel that your stomach is full.

○ Now, if your stomach is full, you won’t have the urge to eat junk food or anything unnecessary.

○ This makes almonds a good fit in your weight-reducing diet.

○ Fiber also helps in preventing constipation and diarrhea.

8. Boosts immunity:

Many studies have shown that almonds are immunity boosters. They also seem to save people against some viruses and keep the people consuming almonds in good health. Yet another benefit of almonds is its anti-inflammatory nature.

9. Keeps you active after lunch:

Adding a serving of almonds to your afternoon meal can go a long way in keeping you up and about for your important meeting! By this, I mean that since almonds are part of a keto-friendly diet (we have already established this before!), the ketones use the fats present in the almonds to provide you with energy. And since the almonds aren’t heavy on your stomach, you won’t feel the urge to take a quick nap or accidentally yawn in front of your superiors.

10. Strengthens bones and teeth:

The calcium present in the almonds helps in strengthening your teeth and bones. This will help lower the risk of fractures as your bones will be stronger!

11. Helps in maintaining good cholesterol levels:

Eating a serving of almonds every day has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels drastically. This, in turn, will help you stay away from cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure threats.

12. Helps in building muscle strength:

The protein present in almonds helps in building newer and stronger muscles. This also allows you to burn the extra fat. For this reason, many athletes and bodybuilders have made a serving of almonds a part of their meal.

Now that you have known about almonds’ innumerable benefits, I sincerely hope that you will add at least a serving of almonds to your diet.

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