Real Estate Builders in Chennai

Top 20 Real Estate Builders in Chennai

Top 20 Real Estate Builders in Chennai To own a house in a city like Chennai means a lot to many of us. With the change of trend and generation development, we see the interest in many of them to secure their investments in a form of immovable case, a house is one of it. Accordingly, we do are the rise of Real Estate Builders in Chennai.

Top 20 Real Estate Builders in Chennai

To own a house in a city like Chennai means a lot to many of us. With the change of trend and generation development, we see the interest in many of them to secure their investments in a form of immovable case, a house is one of it. Accordingly, we do are the rise of Real Estate Builders in Chennai.

With such a big dream and a great investment to go into it, how do we find the true Real Estate Builder in Chennai who is the right person to approach. We may come across many big names or get carried away by their offers or brochure looks which may or may not be true.

Here we have compiled the top 20 Real Estate Builders in Chennai, who are giving you home as you wish. This is sorted based on the years of experience and the projects undertaken by them. We wish you all a happy housing!


Marking their stands as a giant in the Real Estate Industry, Appaswamy Real Estates Limited tops the list of Real Estate Builders in Chennai. Known for their classy handover and business ethics, uncompromising quality and credibility are what makes people look out for Appaswamy Real Estates.

Years Of Experience : 1959 to present

Projects Completed   :

  • Residential     - 25
  • Commercial   - 3

Target Market.           : Residential/ Commercial

Ongoing Projects.      : 10 (Residential)


They are much known for the style of houses they build. It comes with a personal touch and is an embodiment of grace and elegance. Ultra modernity and full utilization of space make them the best in the industry.

Years Of Experience : 1986 to present

Projects Completed   : 29

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial

Ongoing Projects       : 7(Residential) Ready To Occupy : 10


Having unbeatable experience of 76 years in this industry, the VGN group is known as the best for its world-class homes with a great personal touch. One of the reputed and respectable builders, they have completed over 20 million sq. ft. of residential projects. They build homes for people who want to be happy owners.

Years Of  Experience : 1942 to present

Projects Completed   : 86

Awards Won              : 47

Target Market.           : Residential/ Commercial/Retail

Ongoing  Projects.      : 28


With over an experience of 30 years, this builder has got a renowned name for themselves. They believe in the uncompromising value and want to be customer-centric. They are transparent over their projects. They make your living space a lasting memory. They are an expert of multi-story buildings and penthouses.

Years Of Experience : 1989 to present

Projects Completed   : 116

Quality Checks          : 1275+

Target Market.           : Residential/ Commercial/Retail

Ongoing Projects.      : 16


As one of the leading developers in Residential Townships in Chennai and Hyderabad, pyramid aims at offering its customers great and high returns with, ethics, transparency, customer service, and a quality residential experience. They are expertized builder of Multistorey Apartment, Residential Plot, Builder Floor Apartment, Residential House, Villa, Service Apartment, and Commercial Land.

Years Of  Experience : 8

Projects  Completed   : 4

Ongoing Projects.      : 1

Target  Market            : Residential


Known for their promise kept on quality, Puravankara is one of the reputed builders of this industry having a good hands on experience. Expertise both in residential and commercial properties, they are no doubt being a pioneer in this industry with their headquarters at Bangalore.

Years Of  Experience : 44

Projects Completed   : 60

Ongoing  Projects.      : 46

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial


Casagrand Builder Private Limited is a Chennai based real estate enterprise who have great experience and provide unbeatable outputs. They are spread over India and have proved their capabilities in cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore  over the last decade.

Years Of Experience : 15

Projects Completed   : 48

Ongoing Projects.      : 49

Awards                       : 10

Target Market.           : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


As one of the oldest and established builders in India, Godrej properties has made its stand in the Real Estate Industry. Known for its innovative projects along with sustainability, they take pride in introducing many styles of construction in India.

Years Of  Experience : 29

Projects Completed   : 21

Ongoing  Projects.      : 87

Awards                       : 200

Target Market.           : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


Known for its best pricing Shriram Properties is known for it's best pricing and its quality on all the business aspects. Better price with efficiency gives you a perfect future investment.

Years Of  Experience : 45

Ongoing  Projects.      : 52

Target  Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


As one of the leading property developers, Brigade has made its stand in South India across several major cities including Apartments and Villas in Bangalore, Chennai, Chikmagalur, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mangalore and Mysore. Brigade Group has its headquartered in Bangalore.

Years Of  Experience : 33

Ongoing  Projects.      : 30

Target  Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


Into the business for a decade, Tata Value Homes have gained their customers and name in the industry owing to their aspiration and their value for an affordable housing. They work mainly on six core values to undertake their business such as Customer Focus, Innovation, Agility, Quality, Leadership and Integrity.

Years Of  Experience : 10

Ongoing  Projects.      : 14

Target  Market            : Residential/ Commercial

12. DLF

As one of the established builders, DLF has got its own name for its innovative construction techniques and sustained growth.

Years Of  Experience : 73

Ongoing  Projects.      : 2

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


Known for their international standards and professionalism, Alliance group has its headquarters at Bangalore and operates in Chennai. It has acted as a great strength in developing the Real estate market. They are known for luxury and budget homes

Years Of  Experience : 15

Ongoing  Projects.      : 8

Target  Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


Standing as one of the top Real Estate builders in Chennai, Akshaya Homes have marked its presence in the last two decades. They are one of the most awarded companies in the real estate industry and are committed and dedicated to building homes.

Years Of Experience : 15

Ongoing Projects.      : 10

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


One of the oldest builders in the industry, they are best known for developing residential apartments, villas, and plots. They have their headquarters at Chennai and are experts of highrise buildings.

Years Of Experience: 7

Ongoing Projects.      : 9

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


As an established builder in Chennai and Bangalore, DRA homes have experienced over 3 decades and are pioneers in satisfying their customers.

Years Of Experience: 33

Ongoing Projects.      : 15

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


Into the business, for four decades they are one of the finest builders offering quality houses. They are widespread over India with their head office at Ahmedabad. They are also one of the popular international builders.

Years Of Experience: 41

Ongoing Projects.      : 12

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


A popular builder down the south, Ozone Group is one of the best Real estate builder in Chennai known for mixing technology along with its construction. They are experts in meeting customer taste and satisfying them.

Ongoing Projects.      : 18

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail

19. PBEL

PBEL Property Development India Pvt. Ltd. is a property development company that is promoted jointly by Property and Building Corporation Ltd. (PBC). They aim at bringing the international standards of living at every housing.

Experience                 : 58

Ongoing Projects.      : 13

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial/Retail


As one of the best real estate builders in Chennai, House Of Hiranandani is an experienced builder having its head office at Mumbai. Best known for giving holistic living experiences, they follow unique techniques that enhance the lifestyle of living.

Experience                 : 34

Ongoing Projects.      : 22

Target Market            : Residential/ Commercial


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