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Top 5 Advanced B2B Digital Advertising Strategies in 2020: Effective Digital Marketing Campaign?

In the simplest terms, B2B marketing strategies refer to the practices or the unique ways in which companies market their products or services to other organizations or businesses.

B2B digital advertising techniques have evolved drastically in the last decade. The trends in the B2B buyers starting from the search to the purchase has become more complex. Understanding the new generation B2B buyers’ behavior, following the business and marketing trends, is key to successfully targeting modern consumers. 

It is beyond any doubt that digital marketing is entering a new age with brighter prospects. It is being hoped and anticipated that the amount spent on digital ads will be 50% of the worldwide advertising budget by 2020. One more factor to consider is that 55% of B2B buyers rely on referrals from word of mouth, whereas only 22% rely on the salesperson. Let us follow and discuss 5 of the most effective B2B digital advertising strategies that will become more impactful this year and beyond.

Top 5 Advanced B2B Digital Advertising Strategies in 2020 

  1. Account-Based Marketing 

Account-based marketing, popularly known as ABM, is a strategic marketing tool where the marketing team and the sales team go hand in hand to mark their best target accounts and convert them into customers. This interconnected relation between these teams helps businesses focus on their potential clients better. Studies are indicating that ABM should be a must-have tool for B2B marketing companies. 

  1. B2B Facebook Marketing Strategy 

Facebook marketing is considered more effective for B2C business strategies for a long time. However, the current trends show that it can also be used as an excellent tool for B2B businesses, but with a different approach. As a marketer, you need to have the vision and adapt the new avenues to keep you ahead of the rest in the market in 2020.  

  1. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is perhaps one of the most compelling and most effective strategies for B2B digital advertising. Marketers are already aware of the effectiveness of content, but upgrading their approach should be something the companies can focus on. Different content formats are the critical factor for successful B2B marketing as it helps in attracting, capturing, and transforming the businesses into paying customers. 

  1. Podcasts and Voice 

Voice commands and podcasts are one of the newest members in the marketing tools family, and it is emerging as a potential strategy in the coming near future. Language processing and AI have become a regular thing for us with Alexa, Google, and Siri. A podcast is an audio format for information. It is becoming a new strategy for B2Bmarketers to reach their audiences easily to get their attention through their auditory senses. 

  1. Video Marketing 

The B2B marketers should not take the power of the visual contents like images, videos, and other visually interactive formats too casually. Videos enable the marketers to connect and engage with their clients on an emotional level, helping them in the conversion for their business. Surveys have shown that the maximum number of buyers prefer interactive video content more intriguing than the static contents. 

Final Takeaway 

The marketing industry is a fast-moving sector; it is always evolving with time. If you are looking for a more in-depth insight into B2B digital advertising strategies, it would be better to talk to professionals. Think Orion is a marketing agency that provides marketing services to several business sectors to help them upgrade their business and reach the height of success in smarter ways. Contact them for planning and organizing strategies for your company to pave the way for your success. 

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