Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Ecommerce Websites

For your eCommerce website to stand out, it's advised to use external help such as outsourcing development to eCommerce website designing companies.

The number of online businesses is growing at a rapid pace. The competition is fierce. Every business wants to offer the best product, the best website, and top-notch customer service. Apparently, every customer wants the best price and the best value. Online shoppers have hit 2 billion in numbers. Nowadays, you can lose your customers over the tiniest of details therefore, meeting customer standards has become very important for positive conversion and retention rates. eCommerce website development is a delicate subject. Developing and designing your own Ecommerce website may sound easy but it is not especially when you are new in the business. 

There are an estimated 12 – 24 million eCommerce sites across the entire globe. So just imagine the competition, everyone wants to be on the top. Moreover, eCommerce websites work differently as they are supposed to provide a comprehensive shopping experience to online customers. Websites must have simple yet innovative design and seamless payment options. eCommerce development is the first step... you get that right, you get everything right. 

Speaking of digital businesses, there are the ones who succeed and those who fail. Having a bad product quality is not the only reason why eCommerce businesses fail. Believe it or not, there are numerous reasons and mistakes that online businesses make almost every day that can be avoided and fixed with proper strategic planning for improved customer and business experience, all in all. 

In a nutshell, below are some of the mistakes, if unavoided, can cause drastic reputational damages.

Ecommerce Website Designing

Website design is a crucial factor when it comes to eCommerce development. Because a seamless design can offer a better customer experience and can generate higher sales. Great website design is essential because first impressions always matter, so it's important to make it count.

Mistake: Messy layout, too much clutter, following age-old design trends, low-quality visuals, bad color palette... enough to frustrate potential customers and eventually make them leave with negative reviews.

Now you can fix that! See what your competitors are doing, subscribe to the latest trends in eCommerce web designing. Ensure that you are following newer trends, everything seems clean, simple, and professional. Using high-quality images is a must, make sure that your design is consistent across all web pages and seem connected. Still unsure? Hire an eCommerce website designing company, and leverage their expertise. 

Optimization for Mobile Devices

More than 50% of online shoppers use their smartphones for purchasing; with more and more people using their cell phones every day. Monetize these platforms to the best of your abilities, you sure wouldn’t wanna miss it. 

Mistake: Not fully optimized and responsive design.

Your eCommerce website design should not only be compatible with the desktop but mobile screens as well. Customers should be able to access it across multiple devices and screen resolutions. Your website should run well no matter the device people are logging it from. Because Mobile spending accounts for 21 percent of all online spending. It’s important to test your website for responsiveness before making it live. 

Complex Checkout and Payment Processing

Keeping the checkout and payment process as easy as possible is key to your eCommerce development. Because complexity during payment can frustrate many customers and result in cart abandonment.  

Mistake: Too many steps during the checkout process is counterproductive.

Therefore, to avoid cart abandonment, it’s important to offer multiple payment gateways. For example, Kamoota (designed and developed by Invozone) is a payment integration that offers 500+ payment services for eCommerce platforms. So having a hassle-free checkout is a good idea. Moreover, it's a plus if the payment options are integrated into your platform directly and not to third parties for maximum security.

Ecommerce Development Platform

Choosing the right eCommerce website development platform is of utmost importance. Because your websites’ performance, theme, and success depend on it. 

Mistake: Choosing the wrong platform.

Many online eCommerce development platforms offer functional design templates that don't need complex coding. Whereas many custom solutions require developers to write comprehensive lines of code. Anyway, the point is that not all eCommerce development platforms suit everyone. Now only some are suited for eCommerce development. Wix, Shopify, Squarespace are just to name a few. 

Website Search Functionality

When customers land on your website they know exactly what they are looking for. Therefore the filters, navigation, and the search engine should work effectively. A comprehensive list of filters refine the search because no one likes to spend hours searching for that one piece of jewelry.

Mistake: Showing hundreds of irrelevant search results.
Only show customers relevant searches, because you don't want to frustrate or annoy them with products that they don’t even want.It’s more convenient to let customers filter their search results by product category. Ensure that your eCommerce web solution has built-in search engine plugins. Customers should be able to search for a product through keywords and their standard criteria such as pricing, popularity, etc.

For your eCommerce website to stand out, it's advised to use external help such as outsourcing development to eCommerce website designing companies. Because if you are new in the market you may wanna utilize services from a leading E-commerce Development Company to stand out in the market.

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