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Top 5 : The Search for the Best Tokyo International School

For most expat parents like any other parent, most of their decisions revolve around their children. Thus choosing a good international school for your child would be a big decision. I have seen some parents change their housing to a place closer to school just so that their child can have a chance at better education. Now before I go on, what exactly are international schools in Japan and how do they differ from other Japanese private and public primary schools? The main difference between the two is that Tokyo international school uses english as its main medium of instruction. All of the international schools in Tokyo are privately owned and the fee may vary a lot depending on the location, organisation or facility.

While public schools are quite open to english speaking children, there isn’t much support available for non-japanese speakers. Thus if your children aren't that good at Japanese, it would be a good choice to put them in an international school as of now. International schools are also a good place for you to meet up with other expats as most of them also send their children to international schools.

Tokyo is an incredible place to live, not only does it have everything you would need, it also has a multitude of choices. This goes for international schools as well. Below is a list of the top tokyo international schools in Tokyo.

Global Indian International School

Another great option is GIIS. This is again an international Indian school. Their primary school teaching methodology has a spiral structure which rises up in a systematic manner, and then burrows deeper. This concept - of rising higher and going deep gives students a good balance between imagination and understanding. They provide multiple curriculums such as IB and CBSE. Apart from academic excellence they also focus on extracurricular activities. They have three campuses in tokyo-  Nishi Kasai, HIgashi Kasai and Seishincho.

Aoba-Japan International School

This is quite an old school, established in 1976 it is located in a quiet residential area. It has two campuses, one in Meguro and one in Hikarigaoka. They are an IB Continuum World School, they encourage entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and social responsibility as the pillars of decisions and actions. This is a well reputed school in Japan, not just among the international ones.A big facility provided by this school would be their after school care goes on till 5PM. So parents who have to work at those times can make use of this facility. 

Tokyo International School

Tokyo international school is one of the best options out there. They are a truly international school and house sixty five nationalities. They have a diverse community thus enhancing the collaborative efforts of the student while learning. They are known for their learning and teaching methods that are driven by internationally acclaimed teaching standards and research based teaching. These methods help build strong, independent, intercultural and understanding individuals. This would be a great school to enrol children in even after kindergarten.


India International School

This might be the most famous Indian international school in Tokyo. Established in 2004, this school lives up to its fame. It was the first as well as the oldest school that catered to the Indian diaspora in Japan. With highly qualified teachers and world class amenities this school should be one of the top schools on your list. It offers the CBSE board to a co-ed student body. There has been an increase in admissions to indian schools in Japan due to their focus on english, computer science and math. So this could be a good option if your child is interested in any of these.

United School of Tokyo

United School of Tokyo is certainly a very unique international school as it was founded by parents and teachers. With this school families and educators came together to provide affordable, quality educational choices for families in Tokyo. It is an academic school with a child centric approach built upon the principles of experiential learning and creativity. Based on Values-based education they include weekly guidance classes and promote community service. This school is quite multinational and multicultural with a student body of about 35 different countries. A must on your list.


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