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What is meant by App development?

With the advancement in mobile technology in the last few years, the use of the term “app” has gained wide popularity. An “app” is an abbreviation for a computer programme or mobile application that has been specifically developed to run on a smartphone or tablet. Nowadays, many apps come pre-installed with smartphones, such as a calendar, map and email programme. Other apps can be downloaded from distribution platforms like Google Play Store or app stores for free or for a price, depending on the choice and requirement of the user.

Mobile apps cover a wide spectrum – from education to entertainment, news to gaming, banking to music, and social networking to shopping. In addition, there are apps for medical and healthcare, scanning documents, and what not. The range is truly mind-boggling.

E-education Apps

In the last few years, the one area in which revolution in mobile technology has had a huge positive impact is education. In countries like India, the proliferation of e-education apps has brought everything from basic education to advanced skills within reach of population in smaller towns. A wide variety of apps with educational content are available for download, for free or on subscription. For example, users can study math and science for free, all through the classes and instructional videos of the Khan Academy app, while apps like Udemy can be accessed by subscribers to study concepts like advanced programming. YouTube is an evergreen platform to learn everything from musical instruments to plumbing skills, not to mention graphic design and editing videos!

Then there are apps that feature actual courses from reputed colleges, such as EdX. This app features online or offline video lectures, handouts, and tutorials on computer programming, engineering, history, and psychology, etc. that are completely free. By placing education literally at the fingertips of the aspirants, these e-education apps provide a great online platform for step-by-step learning.

E-education Brand Apps

Often, you will find companies creating their own apps to promote their brands and improve product recall among customers. The idea is to ‘hook’ the customers and make them spend more time (and money) on the app.

Fuelled by the desire to engage customers, more and more brand apps are adding innovative and fun elements to their software to improve overall customer experience. This includes adding user-friendly interface, images, colours and text in a way that makes it easy and fun to navigate through the app. Well-organised content, short copy, and story-telling with animation or memes are also popular methods of enhancing the brand recognition and brand value through apps.

A case in point is the startup Paytm that has built its business and brand value almost entirely through its mobile app, riding on the back of the digital revolution.

Social Networking Apps

Human beings are gregarious by nature, and love to connect with one another through various modes. With the advent of technology, social contact has taken the form of online interaction through social networking platforms and apps. Today, whether it’s Diwali or Christmas, birth or death, we meet and greet each other, send greetings, or express regret – all over social media.

Social media apps like Facebook help you find long-lost college buddies, connect with extended family members, or discover like-minded communities sharing your love for anything from pets to books, poetry to conservation, or similar other passions. There are apps geared towards business networking, such as LinkedIn, and those promising romance, such as dating apps like Tinder. Meanwhile, Whatsapp has emerged as a useful app to organise and enable closed communication within select communities such as class groups, neighbourhood groups, or project groups. In short, social networking apps offer unprecedented opportunity to foster smarter communication between targeted groups or individuals.

E-commerce Services Apps

After shifting from brick-and-mortar stores to desktops, shoppers are now flocking to mobile apps to buy everything from groceries to refrigerators, clothes to computers, and shower curtains to air tickets. This has been made possible by the launch of mobile apps that provide an integrated platform for both buyers and sellers with secure payment gateways that enable online transactions.

The popularity and success of a mobile e-commerce app mostly hinges on the wide range and quality of the products it offers, the mechanisms available for making payments, logistics and delivery, and the speed with which the shopping process can be completed. Currently, the most popular e-commerce apps are Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, etc. The biggest advantage of mobile apps is that users can browse them at any time, even during a bus or metro ride, and complete their shopping without the presence of bulky laptops.

Due to their increasing popularity, surging public demand, and continuous enhancement in the sophistication and capability of smartphones, there has been an explosion of apps of all kinds over the years, with the result that millions of apps are now available to users, offering unique designs and exciting features. As we have seen above, a professionally designed mobile app is highly useful when it comes to engaging customers, building brand loyalty, and boosting revenues. In the mobile app development space, Endive Media is a well-established company that delivers customised apps to its clients. The Endive Media team has the knowledge and skills to give your brand a boost by developing a feature-loaded app that draws customers and keeps them engaged. Get in touch today!

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