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Top NFL predictions for new year 2021

The 2020 year was kind of off for everyone.

COVID-19 shaped the 2020 NFL season. The impact of the coronavirus was felt more by the sports and the sportspersons. But as the COVID-19 is slowing down, we can hope for the best in 2021. Many people wonder about the NFL 2021. Various notable sites and others have predicted NFL 2021, which will throw light on the upcoming event. Let's get started then. 


Predictions for NFL 2021 


The first major significant prediction for the NFL 2021 is that the Kansas City Chiefs will repeat as the super bowl champions again in 2021. The best team in football in 2020 was the Kansas City Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs have made their way to the super bowl after undergoing all the ups and downs. 


Secondly, it is predicted that either the jaguars or the jets will make the playoffs next season. These are two of the most hapless teams. The first game of the season was won by New York Jets in week 15. On the other side, Jacksonville Jaguars have secured one win on their own on the opening weekend. They have lost around 14 games. For the next season, it is prophesied that both the teams will have new coaching staffs. One of these squads will play January football this season. 


Thirdly, there is a prediction that the 2020 NFC east champ will win a playoff game in January. It is assumed that the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants will win a victory in the upcoming season. Whichever team will win the division is sure to be an underdog. It is scheduled to occur in the second week of January as the football team has overcome numerous obstacles to stay in a competition. There will be an uphill battle for all three teams- Dallas, Andy Dalton, and the Cowboys to win the playoff season. NFL 2020 was a bit crazy. Now there will be an addition of NFC east postseason victory to the list. 


The fourth thing that is being predicted is that Carson Wentz will win the title of the year's comeback player in 2021. In 2020, Smith was honored with the comeback player of the year award as he overcame a leg injury and 17 surgeries. Not only this, he helped his team to compete for a division title. In 2021, it is predicted that Carson Wentz will win the comeback player of the year award. It was Carson Wentz only who led the Eagles to a 10-2 record in 2017 before the ending of the season. This time, it's been difficult for Carson Wentz. Carson Wentz's accuracy, mechanics, and decision making were all perfect and cleared his way to get the comeback player of the year award. He will leap back in a significant way and be awarded with the year award's comeback player. 


Lastly, it is predicted that Jameis Winston will start for the saints in the 2021 season in week 1. The future Hall of Famer named Drew Brees is expected to retire soon. Consequently, the Saints have to take a big decision now to make at the quarterback. The saints have three options to choose from. One is that they should stick to Taysom hills or bring back Jameis Winston. Besides this, they can opt for the free-agent market for the match. Before deciding, it should be kept in mind that whatever solution they choose must be for the long term. 




Whether these predictions will be accurate or not will only be decided by the NFL 2020. For the follow-ups on significant events, you can look out for daily sports picks


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