Top Ways to Manage Back Pain at Home

Lower back pain is something which affects every one of us at some time or the other. Most of us tend to ignore it till it becomes extremely serious. However, there are a few ways in which such a pain can be controlled without the need to take medicines. Read this article to find out more.

Back pain can crop up due to reasons which may appear not so dangerous. These include lifting something heavy suddenly or due to old age problems such as arthritis. Irrespective of the cause, once the pain starts in the lower back, it is very difficult to treat it.

According to back pain treatment centres in Delhi, nearly one in every found Indian has recently experienced the onset of back pain while nearly everyone can expect back pain at some point in time in their lives. At times it can get very serious depending on the symptoms such as numbness or tingling in the legs along with weakness. In such cases, it is best to seek a doctor at the earliest. However, for a routine back pain, there are few simple tips which can be tried at home such as -


Apart from cooling our drinks, ice is also the best medicine in the first two days as it greatly aids in reducing inflammation. Even though the warmth aids in covering up the pain and makes us feel good, it actually inflames the inflammatory processes. So, after two days, we can switch to heat if we prefer. Irrespective of whether heat or ice is used, it should be administered only for 20 minutes to give our skin some time to rest. If the pain still persists, a doctor should be consulted.


Like the rest of our body, our spines are also supposed to move. Thus, we should do our daily activities like going for a walk, making our beds or taking our pet for a stroll. Once the pain eases, we can switch to more intensive activities like swimming, bicycling, or regular aerobic exercises and jogging. These help in keeping our back more mobile but it should be done within limit.


Once the back pain has reduced, in order to avoid any future recurrences working on the muscles of the back can be a great help. These are the back extensor muscles. Such exercises help in maintaining the posture and alignment of the spine, enable a strong hip and pelvis and provide more back support. Abdominal crunches should be avoided as they put immense strain on the back.


In an age of sedentary lifestyle, it is very important that we do not stay stuck to our chairs all day long. We should get up once after every twenty minutes to stretch ourselves. Most of our work involves us bending forward. Thus, whenever we get off our chair, we should stretch backwards. We should also stretch our legs. At home, we can do some stretching exercises and yoga to provide relief from back pain.


Our workspace should be designed in such a manner that we do not have to hunch forward to see our monitor or reach for the mouse. A desk chair that supports the lower back and allows us to keep our feet planted on the floor can greatly help in reducing back pain.


Four-inch pumps should be avoided for flats. Heels if worn for long hours should be less than an inch in height. This is because higher heels tend to create an unstable posture and also increase pressure on the spine.

Lower backpain is becomming a common problem day by day for all age groups. But it can cured with ease if we folllow just simple things. Above mentioned all the points can help you treat your lower backpain problem at home with ease if followed. So start taking care of your lower back pain and live your life happily and peacefully. 

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