The internet has lowered its bar with the advent of many bloggers online; today every brand has its blog which reaches millions of people. In such a situation you need to learn how to safeguard blog identity using trademarks and copyright.

In today’s time, no person requires any shop front or any physical entity to reach their audience, as the internet has formed various portals for entrepreneurs for effectively promoting and expanding the geographical area for their products or brand.

The internet has lowered its bar with the advent of many bloggers online; today every brand has its blog which reaches millions of people. With the emergence of new rb_blog every day, it is crucial for bloggers to protect their name and property by registering themselves with the intellectual property office.

Every blogger is raising the question that how they can protect their blog or YouTube channel from being stolen? Safeguard the channel, and the blog is the big picture for them which they want to focus on.

Youtubers can register their channel name, slogan and even their logos; but before the youtube decides to register their blog or channel should keep in mind that the mark which they want to register should be unique and valuable. The information shared by the blogger and the youtuber should be viable.

Preparatory steps to be taken

  • The entrepreneur operating the blog or the YouTube channel owner will have to conduct a trademark search to see that no other person is using the same name for similar goods and services.
  • The owner of the trademark needs to see that the name they are registering is the one they would like to continue with as once registered they have to show the commercial use of the trademarked name or logo.
  • Once you have committed yourself to the name or logo, you will have to identify with the class under which it would fall in accordance with the trademark act of that particular country.

Procedure for application of trademark will remain same as that of applying for any traditional brand or company incorporation services from MCA. The only difference which will arise is that the owner of the blog or YouTube channel will be required to present the proof of prior use to the trademark office.

Privilege Attained with trademarking YouTube Channel and Blog

  • Trademarking your YouTube channel and blog would give you exclusive rights to use your channel or blog name, and this would eventually stop other bloggers and YouTubers from using the names which we are using.
  • It is an essential step for the bloggers and YouTube channel owners to build their own identity among the consumer
  • Once the consumer base has been developed the owner of the channel can attain good income through advertising and also receive potential sponsorships which would help the channels grow and take it to another level.
  • Registering your mark for the channel and blog would provide the owner with the privilege to sue anyone who uses the mark on their product.

Registering a trademark is a very complicated and prolonged process, and therefore it is recommended to use trademark registration services or to take help from a trademark attorney.

Once the trademark application has been filed, it is recommended to be patient as it takes for about six months for it to be advertised and to get exclusive right for the use of the trademark you will have to wait for about 1 year or more.

Falls under Class 41 which includes services which are provided by any individual or institution for the entertainment, education, providing training etc.

Starting something from scratch is not as easy as it might seem and it is necessary to know the best tips for every start-up and entrepreneur. Not everyone has an experience of doing business, and for all the young minds, these seven pieces of advice will prove to be a saviour.

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