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Transportable Cork Fridge Catalog

I am going to discuss about Cork fridge.

Cork refrigerators

Are you someone who likes to preserve his beverages cold anywhere he is going? We display you the most purchased Cork fridges this 2020. Purchase yours now with us!

That is the catalog with the maximum famous camping refrigerators this year on Transcom Digital. Click at the portable white cork refrigerator which you like and you will see its features, information, and small fridge price in Bangladesh. Do now not leave out it!

The excellent tenting fridges to shop for at Transcom Digital

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We also put together an overview with all the functions of the maximum asked Transcom Digital Cork transportable refrigerators in our on-line save.
Polystyrene fridge, 25 liters ability. 439 grams mild, efficient and resistant. Outside measures: 30x30x54 cms. Approx.

•    It gives a capability of 25 liters.
•    Dimensions: 48 x 27 x 29 cm.
•    Its weight may be very low, much less than half of a kilogram.
•    it is top notch for retaining the bloodless of the belongings you put inner.
You may purchase this small cork refrigerator right now at Transcom Digital at a satisfactory price.

Refrigerator Polarbox Cork 140 liters

•    Made in Porexpan, a fabric appropriate for coming into contact with food.
•    It presents you with great insulation in the marketplace.
•    It has a capacity of 140 liters.
•    ideal for events and occasions.
•    the weight of the fridge is 1 kg.
•    external dimensions: seven-hundred x 450 x 880 mm.
•    internal dimensions: 620 x 370 x 650 mm.
Buy your 140-liter cork fridge at Transcom Digital at sale fee.

Fridge BOTTLE CORK improved POLYSTYRENE one hundred forty liters

•    Refrigerator with a capacity of a hundred and forty liters.
•    You may area your foods and drinks in it to preserve the cold.
•    Perfect to take to campsites, long journeys, parties, and occasions.
Input Transcom Digital and buy the one hundred forty-liter polystyrene refrigerator at a reduction.
What charges do Cork boxes gift?

Our reasonably-priced Cork refrigerators are the answer to maintain your beverages bloodless when you journey. You have got numerous levels for you, low variety for infrequent use and high variety for greater common use. You pick out in line with your necessities.
The costs of our Cork bins range from 14 to 46 EUR.
Critiques and Comparisons: Is the fee of Cork refrigerators well worth it?

The cost-advantage ratio of our Polystyrene and Cork fridges makes our clients satisfied. They got an object that continues their meals on the favored temperature for pretty a while of top-notch excellent at a terrific charge.
Advantages of Polystyrene packing containers

•    It may be the right supplement to take your meals and drinks for camping and maintain the cold.
•    They hold your food bloodless for the long term.
•    You could buy the scale that suits your needs because we've many fashions to be had.
•    The materials wherein they may be synthetic are suitable for getting into touch with meals.
•    Its weight is very light and facilitates the transfer.
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The Cork bins are a perfect complement in your trips, birthday party, and occasions. With them, you may hold your food and drink bloodless for quite a while. In our on-line save we've got the best offers and reductions at your disposal.
What are you anticipating to shop for that Cork refrigerator that you need at the same time as traveling?
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