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Fridge Freezers: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models 

Regardless of whether you need to supplant an old ice chest cooler or need to procure one just because, purchasing this apparatus ought not to be messed with. It is important to illuminate you about its choice criteria before working with the individuals who offer this family apparatus.

Thusly, you are more averse to get a terrible arrangement. A purchasing guide like the one we offer can help you to inform refrigerator price in Bangladesh. We have likewise grouped a few models from which you can pick. Not having the option to counsel them in full, you ought to harp on the accompanying two articles. Bosch KGV33VL31S has tempered steel entryways. It has vitality effectiveness A ++. It has a helpful volume of 192 litres. Klarstein Monroe XL stands apart from its companions with its vintage structure. It has a 97L tank. 

Purchasing guide - How to pick a decent cooler? 

Picking a cooler blend that will serve you for a considerable length of time is very difficult. By going straightforwardly to counsel an examination, you could be befuddled by the terms and different shortenings which are referenced there. With a purchasing guide, we will assist you with decoding them and have the option to settle on an educated decision. 

Capacity is one of the qualities to consider in your mission. It will rely upon the number of individuals, your dietary patterns and the recurrence of your provisions. When all is said in done, on the off chance that you are separated from everyone else, a limit of under 150 litres ought to be sufficient. On the off chance that you are 2 to 3 individuals, settle on 150 to 250 litres and for at least 4 individuals, you should depend on more than 250 litres. Be that as it may, be mindful so as not to overestimate your necessities. 

The components of the bureau are corresponding to its ability. On the off chance that you are painfully ailing in space in your kitchen, you should decide to pick an increasingly minimal model regardless of whether you need to stock up more regularly. 

Fridge coolers can have the cooler compartment situated at the top or base of the bureau. You will pick as indicated by the compartment which you get to regularly. If you have youngsters, the ice chest at the base will be increasingly available to them. Then again, if there are just grown-ups, you will abstain from bowing down to get your preferred beverage if the fridge is upstairs. 

You will experience a few sorts of cold for handsets. For static cold, there will be no ventilation. For the circled air, the air is moved to guarantee a uniform temperature all through the compartment. Concerning ventilated cold, it guarantees a similar outcome as the past one yet also forestalls the development of ice. It is regularly called "No Frost" or "Low Frost". 

Since your refrigerator cooler is intended to work 24 hours every day, 365 days per year, you will need to consider your power bill. Vitality effectiveness is characterized from "A" (the most efficient) to "D" (the most vitality expending) yet we can presently discover "A +", "A ++" and "A +++" which permit you to spare separately 25, 40 and 55% vitality contrasted with class "A". 

The atmosphere class likewise merits extraordinary consideration. It is spoken to by a couple of letters and should be picked by the surrounding temperature. SN (expanded calm) for a temperature of 10 to 32 ° C, N (mild) for 16 to 32 ° C, ST (subtropical) for 18 to 38 ° C and T (tropical) for 18 to 43 ° C. 

Concerning, the characterization is spoken to by stars from 1 to 4. Just the last permits you to adequately freeze your nourishment. 

The 3 Best Freezers (Reviews and Tests) of 2020 

1. Bosch KGV33VL31S Freestanding Freezer 

The fundamental bit of leeway 

The Bosch KGV33VL31S ice chest cooler has a low vitality utilization rate. Characterized A ++, it devours 40% not as much as refrigerator coolers arranged A. 

Primary downside 

Albeit 288 litres altogether, this cooler is as yet thought about excessively little by most of its clients. It isn't appropriate for a huge family. 

Decision: 9.9/10 

Its ability, which is viewed as marginally decreased, doesn't in any capacity influence the presentation of this item. The solace of utilization that this model furnishes with its different stockpiling compartments and its extremely viable format is certain. Which legitimizes this note. 

Principle Features Explained 

Solace of utilization and common sense 

This ice chest cooler has a net limit of 288 litres, of which 194 litres are given totally to the fridge part and 94 litres for the cooler. Large, it can hold every one of your arrangements. For better access, the fridge has been put at the top and the cooler at the base. The space of this item is additionally very efficient for putting away nourishment in great conditions. 

To be sure, this model has a few compartments and different courses of action to upgrade the space thus that you can appreciate each corner. For better ease of use, the architects have turned around the pivots of the gadget. On the off chance that these segments are normally situated on the left side, Bosch has coordinated them on the correct side. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you lean toward the old form, you can even now move the pivots to one side. 

Highlights and execution 

Made of top-notch material, this tempered steel ice chest cooler model additionally has treated steel entryways with depends on the privilege and incorporated vertical handles. It additionally has 3 retires, a chrome bottle rack and 4 thick glass racks, 2 of which are customizable in stature and 3 are sliding. The racks are additionally removable to encourage their every day cleaning. 

Bosch has likewise outfitted this model with programmed defrosting for more solace, yet besides for progressively quiet use. Also, the "LowFrost" innovation which is incorporated in the fridge permits it to significantly lessen the arrangement of ice. This model likewise has a "VitaFresh" compartment which permits you to proficiently store your products of the soil and along these lines hold their nutrients for whatever length of time that conceivable. It is likewise furnished with a "BigBox" cabinet for enormous volume nourishment. 

Low vitality utilization 

Since 1994, experts have arranged coolers as indicated by their vitality productivity from the least effective, characterized D to the most proficient, ordered A +++. This Bosch model is among the best acting right now an A ++ rating. With an especially proficient cooling framework, it expends just a limited quantity of vitality, even though it is associated throughout the entire year, paying little heed to the climate. 

This 2-in-1 item has additionally been intended for an SN-T atmosphere class. This isn't all, it is fit for freezing 7 kg of components in 24 hours while keeping similar vitality productivity. This refrigerator cooler can keep your nourishment solidified for 23 hours after a force blackout. 

2. Klarstein Monroe XL Combined, Fridge and Freezer 


The Klarstein Monroe XL is a retro-style cooler blend. To be sure, it has the vibe of models from the 50s. Regardless of this, this gadget is strikingly rich. It offers an enormous extra room since it has a volume of 97 litres. This space is spread more than three levels just as a compartment devoted to vegetables. The cooler has a volume of 39 L. It is earth inviting model. In reality, it is arranged in the A + class. Which places it among the most vitality productive coolers available. 

To upgrade stockpiling, it has three racks made of safety glass and a huge removable vegetable cabinet. Also, there are three entryway compartments planned to suit bottles, jars, and so forth. This will permit you to profit by efficient and upgraded capacity. 

Something else, this apparatus utilizes the deep fridge price in Bangladesh and static virus freezing. For defrosting mode, that of the fridge is done consequently, while that of the cooler is done physically. It is genuinely peaceful since it creates a clamour level of 41 dB. Also, it has an element of 455 X 495 X 1295 mm for a complete load of 31 kg. 

3. Haier hbm-576bm Bottom cooler 

It is a model of the handset with the base cooler, offered by the well-known brand Haier. With a complete volume of 246 litres, it offers enough space for the arrangement of a whole family. Only for the cooler, you have available to you a volume of 143 L. As respects its appearance, it has two reversible entryways, each furnished with a treated steel handle. For the specialized attributes, it utilizes the sort of static cold refrigeration. Additionally, know that the cooler defrosts naturally. 

Concerning the cooler, it has a helpful volume of 103 L. Its freezing power is 5 kg/hour. This gadget is independent since, in case of a force cut, it can, in any case, give refrigeration and freezing of your nourishment for 16 hours in a row. To its order, it acquired 4 freezing stars. For the vitality characterization, it acquired an A + rating. Its yearly vitality utilization is evaluated at 246 KWh/year. Which makes about 0.67 KWh every day. Lastly, it has a component of 550 X 580 X 1745 mm for an absolute load of 60 kg. 

Bosch KGV33VL31S Freestanding Freezer 

1. Bosch KGV33VL31SThe Bosch KGV33VL31S is a refrigerator cooler blend with the last situated at the base of the bureau which estimates 176 x 60 x 65 cm. Its entryways are made of hardened steel which depends on the privilege and the vertical handles are coordinated. The pivots can be turned around on the off chance that it suits you better. 

On account of its especially productive cooling framework, it has been arranged "A ++" for its vitality effectiveness, in other words, that it expends 40%, not exactly those grouped "A". It has been intended for an SN-T atmosphere class. 

The cooler being gotten to all the more much of the time, it was put at the top for simpler access. Its helpful volume is 192 litres. It is furnished with 3 retires, a chrome bottle rack and 4 thick glass racks; 2 of them are customizable in stature and 3 are sliding. A "Vit

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