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Review Of PANASONIC FZ950 Television Models

We could attempt the Panasonic FZ950 for some days, a 4K UHD OLED panel tv that offers impressive picture great.

Panasonic FZ950, we have tested it

One-Time advocated

Even though it can no longer have as plenty "pull" as Korean manufacturers, the Japanese company Panasonic maintains to launch high first-rate televisions. Specially whilst we communicate approximately models located in the high variety. As the brand new Panasonic FZ950 proves, a 4K OLED television that achieves awesome image quality. A tv that arrives willing to become a hard rival for the Samsung Q9F, the Sony AF8, the LG OLED E8 or the Philips OLED 973. And, as we will see now, arguments aren't missing.

Similarly to superb photo nice, it has a powerful sound way to the bar designed with the aid of Technics. It also sports a beautiful glass layout with top-rate finishes. And there's no loss of a  LED TV price in Bangladesh system that, even as not as entire as that of its competitors, gives most people of applications that customers are searching out. All this with a reasonably aggressive fee, usually remembering that we're speaking approximately excessive-quit gadgets. I've had the opportunity to test the 65-inch model of the Panasonic FZ950 and on this analysis, I tell you all its secrets and techniques.

It will GET the attention OF YOUR visitors

We have examined the Panasonic FZ950 horizontal bar

If you are fans of the Japanese producer, honestly the layout of the Panasonic FZ950 is familiar to you. And this new version follows the same line we noticed inside the Panasonic EZ1000 ultimate 12 months.

We start at the front. We have a panel with actually invisible edges among the four aspects. Inside the lower element, we have some millimetres edges, in which the brand emblem is located. There may be no question that the display is the primary protagonist.

We have examined the Panasonic FZ950 bar element

A function that stocks with the big soundbar that we've at the lowest. That is placed at the assist, nearly actually, because the installation includes genuinely "dropping it". The soundbar is attached to the tv the usage of a small unique cable that, as soon as plugged in, is going left out.

We've tested Panasonic FZ950 assist element

To place the tv on the furnishings we have pedestal support. The "neck" that connects this assist with the panel is quite thick and sports activities a matte black shade. Honestly, you may see almost nothing, considering that it's miles almost hidden at the back of the soundbar. This support is wider than the final year's model, I understand that to offer a few more stability to the whole. The fact is that television is perfectly positioned on the furnishings. At no time gives the sensation of instability.

We've tested Panasonic FZ950 rear

On the rear, as is common for OLED TVs, we pick out wonderful parts. The top appears a beautiful black glass finish, very top rate. But, the lowest is fairly much less colourful.

We have examined the Panasonic FZ950 profile

In it we discover the region of ​​electronics, so get fat. We can be approximately 5 centimetres thick. The housing is plastic, with a tough touch to the touch. The energy connector is on the right facet (looking on the television in front of the display screen) and the relaxation of the connectors are on the alternative side.

Desirable CONNECTIVITY, WITH some "but"

We've got examined Panasonic FZ950 connectors

The latter are included using a cowl to hide them. But here I should make a forestall. Whilst casting off the quilt we have all of the connectors that we've got reviewed in the information sheet. But, only a few are placed horizontally. The relaxation is positioned in a frontal position, which means that if we should use them, the quilt can no longer be placed on. It's far something I do now not recognize, for the reason that concept of ​​the duvet is ideal to have a cleaner back, however useless as quickly as we've got numerous devices to connect to the television.

In lateral format, we've got  HDMI ports, a USB port and tuners. The rest of the connections, consisting of the important community connection or the digital optical output, are within the front position. As an example in my case, I couldn't position the cover, considering I needed to use 3 HDMI ports.

And speaking of the HDMI connectors, I need to provide Panasonic with any other “contact”. Of the 4 HDMI ports, most effective HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 have full bandwidth. What does this mean? In my case, as an instance, that after I connected the PS4 pro to HDMI 3, I didn't apprehend the HDR in video games. With the tense fact that the ARC port is precisely HDMI 2. Seeing that we handiest have  “full” HDMI, they might have positioned the ARC protocol on another of the HDMI ports. This, which in my view pissed off me a chunk, maximum customers won't be affected in the least. However, you should understand to take it into account.

We've tested Panasonic FZ950 controls

Eventually, comment that the Panasonic FZ950 comes with controls covered. The primary is a whole command, in all likelihood one of the fines inside the marketplace. It has a very fashionable steel finish, direct buttons to the maximum commonplace services and a particular button to illuminate the keys, something that I have no longer seen in every other version.

The second one command, but, is not excessively beneficial. It's far an extra compact, even though pretty thick, manage that has a large principal touchpad. It is not a too ergonomic manage and the touch manipulate has not laboured as anticipated. It's far truly obscure and in the long run, it compensates to apply the arrow keys in place of the touch component.

Slicing part era

Before coming into to evaluate the photo excellent that the tv achieves, we will review the technical characteristics of the Panasonic FZ950. We have a 10-bit OLED panel with a 4K UHD decision of 3,840 x 2, one hundred sixty pixels.

We've examined Panasonic FZ950 technical traits

The tv is ready with the second generation HCX processor. That is capable of running with HDR10 and HLG pictures, however also with the HDR10 + dynamic metadata machine. It isn't always compatible with Dolby vision, as Panasonic is one of the leading corporations that support the HDR10 + machine.

The Panasonic FZ950 has sought Tables (LUT) with greater layers, which translates into extra precision in shade management. Besides, those tables at the moment are dynamic. This is, the tv adjusts the colours based at the luminance of the image displayed at the display.

Panasonic has been insisting for some years that its televisions show the picture as created through content material creators. For this, consistent with the producer, its excessive-stop fashions have been adjusted via Hollywood experts. So, taking this into account, for the assessments I used the image modes blanketed inside the tv, with none modification.

Picture pleasant

We've examined Panasonic FZ950 bale photograph first-class
And now that we know what this tv "has inside", let's examine how this translates into image exceptional. I make a small spoiler: the picture first-rate done by using the Panasonic FZ950 is marvellous. The pictures do now not do it justice.

We've got many photo modes to be had, but for my part, I've completed almost all the checks alternating between the THX Cinema Day and THX Cinema night time modes. I have extensively utilized actual Cinema, very just like THX Cinema night.

We've got tested Panasonic FZ950 black photo best

First, the level of blacks is elegant. It's far genuine that genuinely all OLED TVs have an excellent black stage, but Panasonic has taken it a step also. Get a few very dark scenes are greater described and the picture has a bit less noise than different OLED models.

At the opposite give up we've got the brightness. According to Panasonic, the FZ950 has a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits, a fairly high parent for an OLED tv. The reality is that after viewing pictures I've no longer observed much difference with OLED TVs from different manufacturers. However, it is enough to watch television in brilliant situations.

We've tested Panasonic FZ950 coco picture excellent

The commented extended LUT tables are observed whilst running with hues. Panasonic tends to prioritize the most actual picture over the most shocking photo, much like Sony does. Hence, the colours shown are great, without immoderate saturation, with a completely herbal tone.

This does, that stays a little surprising, ultimately it's far tons higher. Something similar occurs to what we see in brand new mobiles. AI structures tend to saturate colours to get greater hanging images. But in reality, we've got much less real photos, in which factors including the blue of the sky or the inexperienced of the grass display an unreal colour. The Panasonic FZ950 chooses to show a more practical, much less saturated image, that is favoured whilst you operate the tv for the long term.

We've got examined Panasonic FZ950 robotic image exceptional

Complete HD photograph from Blu-Ray

The handling of moving images is also first-rate. I've no longer detected any type of failure in rapid scenes or sports activities. However, we have a very sharp photograph, each in 4K movies and pix with full HD decision.

It is similar to I commented with the shade. Panasonic opts for subtlety, with a superb sharpness however without becoming excessive, artificial. I've also observed that the television does a wonderful process of scaling with DTT pictures, with a much cleaner image than that visible on other fashions.

We have tested Panasonic FZ950 DTT picture quality

Sooner or later, no trouble with the viewing angles. OLED generation once again demonstrates that it is good if we're going to have spectators placed in a role this is very hidden from the display screen. From any attitude, we can have an identical image satisfactory, without loss of saturation or brightness.


Allow's now communicate about the sound. The Panasonic FZ950 is ready with a Dynamic Blade soundbar. This has been adjusted by Technics, the audio specialist department of Panasonic.

Inner this audio gadget we have no much less than 12 audio system, which allows achieving the notable sound. It's far an effective system that gives dynamic and thoroughly balanced sound. Get clear dialogues in programs and robust bass in films and collection.

We've tested Panasonic FZ950 sound first-class

It gives numerous sound modes that try and offer the sensation of being in a surrounding device. Amongst them, I want to focus on the “ Cinema surround seasoned ” mode, because it manages to open the sound discipline and location the outcomes on the lower back in a completely exciting manner. I do no longer say that I'm able to update an entire 5.1 gadget, some distance from it, but it does the first-rate process on each day foundation and to look at films if we do no longer need to drag external device.

Clever television WITH truthful programs

Panasonic insists once again, with the My domestic display device. This time we reached model 3.0, with a layout very just like that visible in different years.

We've got examined Panasonic FZ950 apps menu

Let's be honest, it's not the excellent smart television device in the marketplace. However, the truth is that, for the sizable majority of users, it is going to be sufficient. We've got entry to to the 4K and HDR variations of Netflix and Amazon Video, as well as the YouTube application. It also has a web browser and RTVE applications, present in all structures.

For the relaxation, many programs that, as a minimum in Bangladesh, do now not have a lot of Panasonic tv price in Bangladesh. I have for my part neglected some application for IPTV and the on-demand television alternatives of A3Media and Mediaset.

We have attempted a Panasonic FZ950 menu

As for the menus, they were fairly previous. If we press the begin button, the shortcuts to the maximum used packages (configurable) appear at the display screen. To peer the rest of the packages and alternatives we can click at the Apps button.

Its layout is what we had been seeing for numerous years at Panasonic. Massive circles arranged in a horizontal line within the quick menu and as though it has been a cell when getting into the whole menu.

We have tested Panasonic FZ950 setup menus

The configuration menus, on the other hand, are very entire. Perhaps too much, due to the fact seeing so many configuration options can overwhelm much less experienced customers. However, authentic to its fashion, Panasonic gives us a notable configuration machine to people who want to “flirt” more.


We reach the give up of the evaluation and we must conclude. I will make it very easy for you: the Panasonic FZ950 is one of the quality OLED TVs of 2018. I can't say that it's far the first-rate, because I have no longer been capable to check the proposals of LG and Sony, however absolutely it's miles very near being.

We are facing a television with first-rate picture nice. A herbal image, subtle and subtle, however with that extra "punch" anticipated from OLED TVs. It comes excellently calibrated from the manufacturing facility and has a recreation Mode with a fairly low input lag.

We've tested Panasonic FZ950 very last

Along with its notable image fine, the FZ950 has a legitimate bar that gives sincerely suitable outcomes. Its susceptible point can be its smart television segment, but I would not rule out this tv for it. My domestic screen is a simple system, however with which we can access Netflix and Amazon Video,  of the offering's maximum demanded by customers.

As for the fee, we're in the usual inside the high range. The sixty five-inch Panasonic FZ950 we've tested is priced at 3, six hundred euros. If we want it in fifty-five inches its rate is 2, three hundred euros.

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