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Hand Vacuums: Reviews and Comparisons Of The Best Models

This blog about hand vacuum cleaner and its review.

Very handy for scrubbing small surfaces, a hand vacuum should be part of your cleaning arsenal. If you plan to buy some, be careful. Not all models on the market are effective, and you would not want to end up with a device that is unable to do its job properly. By consulting our buying guide, you will learn to recognize the right products. Time is running out to read it? We present you directly the highest rated mini vacuum cleaner price in Bangladesh, according to our research. This is the Dyson V6 Trigger +. It is extremely powerful and can suck up all dirt, including encrusted ones. His battery allows him to work for a good 20 minutes at full speed. Light and ergonomic, its use is very pleasant. Otherwise, you can opt for the Philips FC6148 /01. Of a more classic design, it can operate according to 2 speeds. Its bin has a reasonable capacity of 500 ml.

Buying Guide - How to choose a good hand vacuum?

If the hand vacuum is more and more used nowadays, it is because this device is easy to handle and it allows you to get rid of different kinds of dirt quickly. So, how to buy a hand cleaner with better value for money? The answer lies in considering several criteria for choosing this device. These criteria include mainly: autonomy, power and weight.


In most cases, hand-held vacuum cleaners operate with the help of a battery except for those models dedicated to cleaning cars that can be charged from the cigarette lighter. When we hear about drums, the first thing that comes to mind must be autonomy. The performance of this device is also reflected in this autonomy. The reason why we will give you some explanations on this feature in this buying guide for the best hand vacuums.

Indeed, this product is often used for occasional aspirations, but it is still important to work continuously for the duration of use. Handheld vacuums can have a range of fewer than 10 minutes. They are suitable for occasional work that does not last long. They can operate independently for 10 to 20 minutes for models intended for longer aspirations. But some devices have a range of more than 20 minutes for you to use it to achieve a large household.

You have to know how to make your choice according to your needs, because devices with large autonomy often operate at low power, these two characteristics moving in the opposite direction.

The power

A hand-held vacuum does not have to be too powerful to suck up dust or crumbs on your furniture. However, this does not mean that this characteristic must be neglected. If this power is too low, you can spend a lot of time every time you vacuum your furniture.

The appropriate power is in the range of 8 to 30 W. At this level, the power is not likely to have a significant impact on the autonomy of the device. You can also check the presence of a power regulator system so that it is related to the area to be treated. After considering all of these tips, you may already be interested in the price comparison.

The weight

The weight of a hand-held vacuum cleaner is as important as the two previous selection criteria because it determines how long you can use the device without getting tired. The best is to choose the lightest model. However, if this weight is too low, check if it is not due to the poor quality of the materials that make up the device.

Preferably, this weight should not exceed 1.5 kg. The lighter and less bulky it is, the more you can work on a large surface without the risk of getting tired. Nevertheless, this weight is not the only criterion for selecting a hand vacuum, a few extra grams would not risk tiring your wrist easily. Then, look for where to buy a new handheld vacuum cleaner.


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